Monday Matters

Cedarville Elementary School Week 7

September 28, 2015

Looking forward to cooler weather and beautiful fall colors. We have lots of activities to look forward to as we enter fall 2015!

Parent Conferences were successful last week! As a building we talked with about 94% of parents/guardians. I want to ask you to make ONE good call each week because building relationships with parents is priority. It makes it easier to have the "difficult" conversations too. Check out the example communication and behavior log and more information below.

Speaking of behavior, after working on the school improvement plan this week, it was discovered we should be offering students choices. For example, if they have to miss recess behavior purposes, ask them if they prefer sitting on the wall or walking during outside time.

If you have a PGP meeting scheduled with me this week, please make sure you take a snapshot of your goals so I will have access to it. If you need help, please talk to me or Angie Shockey

Dates to remember:

  • Wednesday, September 30: USAble will be in the room behind Twyla's office. A sub will be provided to cover. Everyone goes even if you don't have school insurance. If that has changed, I will let you know.
  • Wednesday, September 30: 3:30 p.m. Title 1 meeting in Angie Shockey's office
  • Thursday, October 1: Building Leadership meet in Angie Shockey's office 3:20 p.m.
  • Saturday, October 3: Dessert Auction in the safe room 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. to benefit Zack Moore & Family (I do not have any other details)

Ms. Kate has a kidney table she isn't using. Please talk with her if you're interested.

Sub Tub or How to be prepared if you're out

There's been some talk about the idea of the Sub Tub that was discussed during PD week. After talking with several people, I want to make my idea more clear. (My PGP still includes improving communication). You don't have to literally have a "tub". It can be a crate, notebook, binder, file folders, etc. Minimal information should include:

Class Information:

  • Seating chart
  • Schedule of pull-out or in-class support
  • Procedures for attendance, recess, lining up, bathroom, snack time, pencil sharpener, lunch, dismissal...
  • Classroom Rules and Behavior Plan
  • List of several reliable students
  • Serious medical issues for students that they may need to know (just in case)
  • List of any children who need extra help/understanding/ELL's/those on a behavior plan...
  • Technology Instructions (How do you turn on the Smart Board, play a DVD, etc.)
  • Bonus ideas: photos of your students labeled with their names, picture directory of where important items are located...

School Information:

  • Map of the school with your class, office, cafeteria, gym, teacher's lounge, teacher's workroom marked (room numbers help too)
  • Phone numbers for the office and of helpful teachers
  • Emergency instructions for lock downs, in case of fire, tornado, evacuation...

And most important of all, do not leave work or activities for students they haven't ever seen or done before. This is cause for disaster on the substitute's part as well as the students! Also remember, most subs are not certified so they can not be expected to "teach" new material. It's okay if you get a day or two behind. It's okay if you aren't exactly on the same page as your co-workers. I promise the world will still turn and life will be okay in the long run. Please come to me if you have questions and I will be checking in with each of you in the next couple of weeks.

Cathy Winn, Principal