Molasses Spill

Leaves Hawaii On Edge

What happened!

A company called Matson had a leaking pipe line that spewed over 233,000 gallons of Molasses into Honolulu bay. Killing many fish.


*About 233,000 gallons of the sludge leaked from a pipeline from the company Matson.

*There was a study done in Hawaii showing the coral reefs have about $360 million dollars a year of value to the local economy.

*Experts say it will probably get worse long before it gets better, as the bomb from the molasses moves west with the current.

*Coral reefs are a giant tourist attraction, which makes them essential to Hawaii’s tourism-based economy.

*Richmond hypothesizes that the molasses is drawing water from the interior cells of the fish, therefore destroying the cells.

What happened!

A thick orange slime is choking Honolulu Harbor, covering the bay with dead animals as it covers everything in its way. About 233,000 gallons of the sludge liquid leaked from a pipeline, forming a sticky bomb that killed thousands of fish in just a few days.