scrub and high pine

By skyler Lattenhauer

what is scrub and high pine?

Shrubby evergreen oaks and/or Florida rosemary may have a sand pine or slash pine overstory contains 13 federally listed endangered or threatened plant species. High pine long leaf pine interspersed with deciduous oaks, especially turkey oak with an herbaceous layer usually dominated by wire-grass.This ecological habitat has many plants that are adapted survive periodic fires. These the seeds of these plants often germinate only after fire has burned off much of the growth above the soil. Many of the common trees found in areas described as scrub are oaks including myrtle oak , scrub oak chapman's oak and sand live oak . saw palmetto , sand pine and many types of lichens can be found here including british soldier and deer moss. The high pine consists of open stands of longleaf pine with scattered turkey oak and a ground cover of Wire-grass .


bracken fern

fetter bush

clasping weria

Florida golden-aster


longleaf pine


Black Bear


Eastern bluebird

American kestrel

Red-cockaded woodpecker

Gopher frog

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abiotic factors


Light Intensity



dry sand


Fire:fire start commenly here

biotic factors


Gopher frog

Red-cockaded woodpecker

Black Bear

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human impacts

It is affected primarily by real estates people building house on their land 6.5 million board feet of virgin longleaf pine removed in florida in the late 1800s and 1900s