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Friday, March 18, 2016
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New Items

Spring Break Building Hours

The building will be open during Spring Break. Custodians will be here from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday, March 21 through Thursday, March 24, 2016.The Building will be closed on Friday (3/25). The Main Office will be open, but it will not be staffed during break. Remember to only access the building during the noted hours. Accessing the building at times other than listed will set off the alarm system.

March 28th Professional Development

All teachers should have received information pertaining to your PD locations for the March 28th PD activities. Content areas will be working here in the building unless your Content Leader has given you information for other PD locations for the 28th.

Important Information

Network Information

Here is some information from Ray Eernissee. It will help us understand our current status with internet access and availability:

· Network has reached its capacity and we need to manage the bandwidth more closely

· Each day the technology team is monitoring and making necessary changes to provide the maximum speeds with the least impact on instruction

· The District has one more year on the contract with AT&T

· Technology is working with AT&T to determine if it is feasible and affordable to increase the bandwidth for the 16-17 school year; will be upgrading the network for 17-18

Need staff assistance in the following:

- Teachers need to make sure students are accessing the appropriate content for the instruction when using devices

- Close all unused tabs and windows on devices

- Be conscious that video and audio use the most bandwidth, be judicious

- Each building has a limited link capacity, High schools "250", Eementary /Middle School "100"; for every Youtube video it takes an amount of "5", so it does not take many videos to consume a large portion of a building capacity, be mindful


Request for servers being placed at the building level during MAP.

· For all wired devices (connected via a cable) there is a server (TSM) for MAP testing, this keeps the traffic (requests) at the building level and reduces the amount of traffic being sent over the building link

· Wireless devices are different because wireless device traffic(requests) must come back to admin office for network reasons. Since the requests have go out of the building over the link, there is no benefit to having a server in the building.

FHSD WiFi and Guest Wifi

With the district removing access to both FHSD WiFi and Guest Wifi, staff, students, and guests personal devices will automatically default to your personal data plans to access the internet. This is important to know. So be conscientious when using technology as students will now need to access their Data Plans to use internet services.

For Your Information...

Updating Faculty and Plan Time Meetings

We have a Faculty Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 16th (to go over 3rd Quarter SIP data). As a building we will not have 3rd quarter data in time for this meeting. Therefore, we will not meet as a faculty on March 16th (two days before end of the quarter). Instead we will meet on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 (after school) to analyze the 3rd quarter data. This April 13th date is not on the calendar. We will add this date and then remove the April 12th Plan Time Meetings (that was set aside for RtI work). We wanted to give you plenty of notice regarding these date changes. Since April 13th is an "added" date, if you have a conflict with this date, please let Dr. Huff know.

BIG Notes: March 14th Meeting

Attached are the notes from Monday's BIG meeting.

Howell of Fame

Here is the link for the Howell of Fame nominations. The deadline to submit nominations is Monday, April 4, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. Send or deliver nominations to the Administration Offices. More than one person can nominate the same individual.


Technology Tip and WiFi: Just remember to turn the WiFi off on your computer when you are docked. Your computer will automatically "default" to WiFi instead of connecting to the hardwired connections when you are docked. When you are using your laptop away from the docking station, then return to using WiFi.


The Math Department will begin piloting Envision Math program following Spring Break.


Academic Blackout Dates include: March 16, 17, and 18.


Benchmark assessments for Math this week in the Learning Commons.


March Birthdays

4 Bill Jackson

4 Angie Flick

7 Holly Avis

10 Karen Gniadek

18 Paul Prouhet

21 Olivia Howard

25 Deanna Moylan

Upcoming Dates

March 16-18: Academic Blackout Dates

March 18: Locker Clean out (during CCC)

March 21-25: Spring Break

March 28: District –wide PD for certified staff (8-12)

March 29: Students return from Spring Break

March 30: Early Release Wednesday 2:30 p.m.

March 31: 5th Grade Visits (John Weldon)

April 1: 5th Grade Visits (Daniel Boone, Independence, Warren)

April 6: Early Release Wednesday 2:30 p.m.

April 7-8: The 8th Grade Celebration Sign-Ups in Gym Lobby (Before CCC)

April 11: B.I.G. Meeting Room 171 7:30 a.m.