MISD Mathematics Summer Workshops

Teacher Professional Learning


This update includes all the professional learning offerings for K-12 mathematics teachers in Macomb County. Please share with those that may be interested. The FALL FLYER will be coming out in early June!!

Making Meaning of Percentages, Ratio, Rate and Proportional Relationships

This 3 day seminar will focus on student thinking around the topics of percentages, ratio, rate and proportionality. The targeted grades are Grades 5-9 and include preparation for PSAT/SAT.
June 21-23, 2017



Join us for one of our full-day courses which will introduce teachers and math coaches to the theory, structure and focus of Number Talks appropriate for their grade span. Participants will interact throughout the day in this high energy, hands-on course with opportunities to reflect on their current practices and target essential understandings called for in the Michigan Math Standards.
Fractions, Decimals, & Percents / August 15, 2017


Add+Vantage Math Recovery (AVMR)

The Add+VantageMR® program provides teachers with efficient and effective assessment tools to recognize their students’ current understandings of number concepts, and to support data‐driven instruction. Forming collegial teams is encouraged during the course to provide for ongoing study. Add+VantageMR® assessment and analysis is particularly useful in forming small group instruction within a math classroom.
Course 1 / August 16 & 17 AND October 3 & 4


Principles to Actions

NCTM’s landmark publication Principles to Actions connects research with practice. Specific, research‐based teaching practices that are essential for high‐quality mathematics education for each and every student are combined with core principles to build a successful mathematics program at all levels. Join us as we spend the day exploring the guiding principles to ensure mathematical success for all.