BJHS Knights Basketball

"we got that BJ Swag"

Bloomington Knights win over Champaign Franklin

As the Knights take a huge 58-40 win away it was huge for the knights to win coming off their first lost against Chatham Glen wood the knights was able to take the win in the first quarter with a 28-2 lead. the Bloomington Knights are know 11-1.

Bloomington Knights lose to Chatham glen wood

As the knights suffer their first lost of the season Chatham glen wood just adds one more when to their 13-2 record the as the knights lose 50-38 witch is there first lost of the season the knights move to 10-1.

Bloomington knights Big blow out win verses Chidix junior high school

As the knights stay undefeated they play chidix junior high school as chidix played Evans their last game they have a bigger challenge and undefeated bloomington Knights team the outcome of the game is a knights 30 point win and move to 10-0