Kids Healthy Lifestyles

Getting kids off the couch and onto their feet

Am I Encouraging my Kid to Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

Running around the house just doesn't cut it when it comes to keeping your kids healthy and active. Now a days kids would rather stay indoors and play on their electronic devices than go outside and have fun! It's important to encourage your kids to be active and eat healthy to form healthy living habits earlier on in life so they have the best opportunity to do what they want when they are old enough to chose!

Back to Basics

There are thousands of ways to be active, its just a matter of doing it. Something as simple as going for a walk, dancing to your favorite music or a bike ride with your children after school can be a great way to get some extra exercise, and bond with your kid! Letting your children go play with their sibling or neighbors not only gets them the exercise they need but also helps them to develop good social skills!

Children are recommended at least 60 minutes of moderate-vigorous physical activity each day.

Moderate activity can be described as when your children are breathing a bit harder than they normally do. They should be able to talk but not sing. On a scale of 1-10 moderate activity is 5-6.

Vigorous activity is when the child's heart rate and breathing will increase even more and it will be difficult for them to say more than a few words without catching their breath. On a scale of 1-10 vigorous activity is 7-8.

Why be Active

There are many reasons why your kids should be active, and it can have a positive affect on your child's life. Not only does being physically active help with staying fit and being healthy, it also helps in many other areas in your child's life such as: it strengthens bones and muscles, they will have better posture and balance, a stronger heart, better academic scores, improved self-esteem, low stress, it will give them healthy growth and development and opportunities for socializing with friends!

All of these benefits are essential to your child's growth and development and will set them up for a bright and positive future by starting out now and making great habits.

Healthy Eating Habits are Important Too!

It is not only important to get your kids off the couch, but also getting them into good habits when it comes to eating. Most kids who are over weight at a young age are not at fault, it is their parents fault for not feeding them properly. It is important for the child's self-esteem and well-being that they have the most opportunities possible in active living. Make it easy on them, they're only kids!

Below we have a link to a great website with healthy meal ideas to make for your kids.

Community Kids Fun Day

Saturday, April 25th, 9:30am

Lord Selkirk Regional Secondary/ École Secondaire, Mercy Street, Selkirk, MB, Canada

Bring your kids out for a fun day promoting healthy living! There will be a healthy breakfast to kick start the day followed by some awesome activities for you and your kids with some re-fueling snack stations throughout the day. To end your night with a bang (pun was intended) will we be having a firework show! Come and go as you please, Full access wrist bands will be sold for 10$ for children 12 and under and 15$ for adults.


9:30am/10:30am - Healthy Breakfast

10:30am/12pm - Activities (A)

12pm/1:30pm - Break for your healthy picnic lunch (BYO lunch)

1:30pm/3:00pm - Activities (B)

3:00pm - Snack station opens

4:00pm/5:00pm - Relay Races on the track (Bring your shoes!)

5:00pm/6:30pm - Break for supper

6:30pm/8:00pm - Open Swim

8:30pm - FIREWORKS

Activities Include:




Flag football

Hoola hoop contest

Four square

Parachute games




Floor hockey

Zumba dancing

Scavenger hunt

3 legged race

Hop scotch

Mini golf