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News from the Media Center


We made it through the first nine weeks! Hard to believe that it is already November! Football and turkey season, here we come!

Below are just a few things that we can do together in the Media Center. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need something or would like to do an activity together. I'm here to help! If any of the suggestions below sound good to you, please come by and visit (I have chocolate!) or shoot me an email BEFORE you sign up using On My Calendar. Story times are the only exception -you can go ahead and sign up using the Media Lessons tab. Each story time will be 20-30 minutes long, depending on the class.

One of my favorite things to do is to be able to work with a small group of students. I have some suggestions below how we can make that work. If you have other ideas, let me know!

Thank you for welcoming me here to Burnette! This is a wonderful school, and I am so happy to be working with all of you.

Story Time


Here is what I have planned for story times for grades K-2. Please remember these are co-taught lessons. The more the students see their teacher involved, the better the lesson will be!

November 4- Duck for President:
Listen to the story and learn about voting as we participate in a mock election!

November 11- In November: Listen to the story and discuss how animals prepare for winter. Create a class bird feeder to hang in the outdoor classroom.

November 18- Duck for Turkey Day: Listen to the story and talk about Thanksgiving traditions.

Media and More

Resources and Research

Resources for Teaching

Please let me know if you'd like us to pull books for an upcoming unit. Besides books, I can also suggest other resources, such as eBooks, videos, and websites that you can use during your unit. I'm also happy to come down and show you how to use our eBooks in your classroom or help you use some of our free resources, like Discovery Education, which is a great resource for free instructional videos.


We are working on short, directed research projects during specials. Most of these projects will correlate with your Social Studies AKS. I know many of you are doing research on your own as well. If you notice that your students are struggling with a particular research skill, let me know, and we can do a mini-lesson to target that. Some ideas:

  • Note taking/ paraphrasing
  • Citations
  • Better "search" skills- using keywords, Boolean searches


Book Talks

If you have a specific genre that you would like your students to read, or you just want me to book talk some recent books acquired by the media center. We can also target a specific author.

Book Groups:

I love working with small groups! One idea...if you have some "high flyers," we can read a book and do activities to go along with the book (research, readers theater, creating book trailers etc..). Email me or stop by and we can collaborate on this idea.

Readers Theater

I loved using this tool in my own classroom. Again, we can do this in small groups or whole class. There are tons of Reader's Theater scripts available for us to use, or we can also do this with poetry. This is a wonderful way to build fluency.

Library Skills

Using the Library Catalog

K-2: We can work on locating books in the library using the "addresses." First grade started this at the end of specials, but the more practice, the better!

5: We can work on advance skills, such as how to hold a book, using eBooks, using TitlePeek. Third and fourth graders will be learning some of these skills in the Media special this rotation.

Illustrator Visit

Friday, Nov. 15th, 9am-3:15pm

Media Center

We are so excited to welcome illustrator Michael P. White to our school! He will be spending time with each grade level. The day of the visit, each student will need to bring 3 pieces of paper, 2 pencils, and something to bear down on (clipboard, binder, folder). Mr. White will be drawing with the students and teaching them how illustrations can lead to great ideas for writing.