Assignment 3--Part I

Know A Word

Students know a word when they know its meaning, its different grammatical forms and uses.

ELL students need to know high frequency words used most often and academic content words.

Strategies To Teach High Frequency Words

One of the strategies I would use to teach high frequency words would be to "relate the "new" to the known by tapping into students prior knowledge." (p.229)

A second would be to "offer receptions on new words in meaningful context, highlighting it with verbal emphasis and pointing it out on the word wall." (p.229)

Assess Student Learning

I would pre-assess by using "brainstorming" or finding out what students prior knowledge us of words.

Ongoing assessment would be to have students use words orally or in writing in simple sentences but in context of the meaning of the words.

Reassessing by having students classify how well they now know the words by classifying them as they only recognize them, can define them, or can use them.