October 2, 2015 (Volume 3)



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PSAT Test Date

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 9am

901 Northeast Douglas Street

Lee's Summit, MO

  • During school hours on Super Test Day
  • Limited availability; sign up, in advance, through Mrs. Meuschke in Guidance (816/986-3053 OR Limited availability - sign up ASAP!

PSAT LSN Prep Course for Sophomores and Juniors

  • October 5th, 7th, & 12th @ 2:45-6:00pm in Mrs. Cole's Room - 2136
  • Sign up through Mrs. Meuschke in Guidance (816/986-3053 OR Limited availability - sign up ASAP!
  • Prep course is $35 for LSN students / $90 for out-of-district students
  • See flyer below for more details

PSAT Free, Online Cram Sessions through KAPLAN

For Juniors taking the PSAT in October, Kaplan Test Prep will be hosting free online PSAT Cram Sessions to help students prepare for the upcoming New PSAT. Sessions will be offered at the end of September through October. To sign up for a Cram Session today, please visit Space is limited.

ACT Prep Course 2 Now Available for October 24 Test Date

  • ACT Prep Course 2 begins meeting on Oct. 6th
  • Sign up through Mrs. Meuschke in Guidance (816/986-3053 OR Limited availability - sign up ASAP!
  • $35 for LSN students / $90 for out-of-district students
  • See flyer below for more details
COLLEGE happenings

Link to ALL events and opportunities

Upcoming College Visits

Here is a snapshot of the colleges that will be here over the next few weeks (in chronological order); see the complete list here:

University of Southern California, 10/7 @ 1:30p in Studio 2006

University of Iowa, 10/8 @ 10:15a in Studio 2006

University of Kansas (KU), 10/9 @ 1:00p in Studio 2006

Southern Methodist University, 10/13 @ 8:30a in Studio 2006

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 10/13 @ 9:30a in (TBA)

Drake University, 10/13 @ 10:15a in Studio 2006

University of Alabama, 10/13 @ 1:00p in Studio 2006

Tulane University, 10/15 @ 1:30p in Studio 2006

Emporia State University, 10/19 @ 10:15a in Studio 2006

Baker University (Baldwin, KS campus), 10/19 @ 1:00p in (TBA)

MidAmerica Nazarene University, 10/20 @ 10:15a in the PCR

Pittsburgh State University, 10/20 @ 1:00p in Studio 2006

Vanderbilt University, 10/21 @ 9:30a in Studio 2006

University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), 10/21 @ 10:15a in Studio 2006

Don't forget to sign up for these ahead of time (below)!!!

Black & Veatch Explorer Post Program (Aug 2015-Jun 2016)

This program exposes high school students interested in math, science, and engineering to the various disciplines of engineering through presentations, hands-on activities, engineering tours, and community service events supported by Black & Veatch.
  • Registration for the program is $40
  • Application/fees must be submitted by October 13th - see Ms. Keltner in Guidance for the application
  • Additional details/information: 913/458-9030 or

LSR7 College Night

Monday, Oct. 5th, 6:30-8pm

The Pavilion at John Knox Village, 400 Northwest Murray Road, Lee's Summit, MO, United States

MCC-Penn Valley HBCU Experience 2015

Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 9:30am-2pm

Penn Drive

Kansas City, MO

MCC-Penn Valley is proud to present Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Experience 2015! The Experience is an opportunity for community college students to learn about transfer opportunities to historically black colleges and universities. High school juniors and seniors will also meet with college representatives and find out how MCC-Penn Valley can prepare them for the HBCU Experience!

Schools and individuals must reserve their space in advance, and register online prior to attending the event.

Truman Medical-Lakewood Explorers - Open House Meeting

Monday, Oct. 12th, 6:30pm

7900 Lee's Summit Road

Kansas City, MO

  • Activities for 2015-2016 include suturing, casting, public health and much more!
  • Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month from 6:30-8:00pm.
  • Contact for more information.


Link to Financial Aid & Scholarship webpage. Thank you for your patience as I get this area efficiently situated!!

There's an APP for that!

CONTEST TIME! I have goodies for the first 5 students that share comments and thoughts about any scholarship search apps they find, use, and like! I want to learn more - but I need your help finding the "good ones"! Annnddddd....GO!

I guess I should've known there would be scholarship search apps, it just hadn't occurred to me to look for them. So, Taylor Beeman, thank you for introducing me to "Scholly" - it's awesome (and I may have used it last week while looking for new scholarships to highlight). :)

There's a new TOOL in town!

No, I'm not talking about your goofy cousin who just moved here from Florida. I'm talking about a fabulous new way to calculate your GPA (Grade Point Average). We are brought up for a majority of our K-12 years learning what having a "C" average meant. Then, as you begin your junior year of high school, people start throwing this new language at you, using more acronyms than a texting dictionary! I can't explain all of them, but I CAN help with "GPA" so you don't have to Google it before returning to this newsletter.

Secondary and higher education institutions, in particular, use this magical number to determine your average grades over the course of different time segments (ie. semesters, quarters, years, etc.). It takes time to say: "I'm mostly an 'A' student except for ALL of my Math courses. I got a 'F' in Algebra but miraculously passed Geometry with a "D+". So, mostly, I get 'A's'." As an Admissions counselor, all I can ascertain from that is that Math is not your strongest subject; I can't offer any scholarships to a "mostly 'A's' student". That is where GPA calculators become your new best friend!

To figure your GPA (without having to wait for me to pull a copy of your transcript), you can go to and do it in a few nanoseconds. Go ahead, try it out!

And just so you know, here is the scale and what it means to your prospective higher education goals:

4.0+ = ("A" average) This is the top tier; in this range, you are eligible for pretty much any scholarship you want!

3.0-3.9 = ("B" average) This is great, you are above average; you may have to work a bit harder for your grades, but people can still "see" your effort through this range.

2.0-2.9 = ("C" average) You are an average student; your scholarship opportunities begin to slim down at this range.

1.0-1.9 = ("D" average) You are struggling with something - whether it be an academic subject, or a personal issue that is keeping you from concentrating on your studies. Guidance is here to help you sort through these issues and get back on track - the earlier the better! Very few financial aid opportunities are left at this range.

0.0-0.9 = (Failing) See 1.0-1.9 range; same rules apply.

KAPLAN: Online Essay Success Webinars

For Seniors currently applying to college, Story2 will be hosting free online Essay Success Webinars sponsored by Kaplan Test Prep to help students prepare for their upcoming admissions essays. Sessions will be offered from September 19th through October 15th. To sign up for an Essay Success Webinar today, please visit

Link to Guidance webpage

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Shelley McCain (S-Z) 986-3021

Tina Faulker (Social Worker) 986-3003

Karla Barnhill (Registrar) 986-3017

Valerie Meuschke (Admin. Asst.) 986-3003

J. Keltner (College & Scholarship Coor.) 986-3051

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