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Purr-Fect Pets: Who We Are, And What We Do!

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The Truest of True Stories of Our Old, Now-Adopted Occupants!

Riley: The First of The Pooches to Come Here!

Riley was a small puppy, weighing no less than six pounds when we found him on our doorstep. "We cared for Riley, and we soon grew to love him. Today, he lives with Bill and Claire Starr, who insist Riley is now a frisky young dog, eager to meet new people." says Brinley, executive cat trainer in chief. "It's quite obvious that Riley fell head over heels in love with the Starrs, who give him daily exercise! We hope to continue to rescue helpless animals like Riley." adds Saranna, executive dog trainer and chief of the dog portion of the organization.

Candy: The First Kitten to Come!

Candy was a small kitten we saw once flying over the fences separating the dogs, eventually trapping herself in a kennel. Josh, a small, nine-year old boy, squeaked, "How much is that kitty in the kennel?" Brinley, our cat trainer, replied sheepishly, "Sorry, Josh. That cat isn't ours to sell." Candy made frequent escapes into that kennel, which encouraged Brinley to hang a sign over that said, "Reserved for Candy the Kitty!". Brinley became suspicious, as Candy frequently showed up limping, bleeding, etc. "I was appalled. How could such a beautiful kitten show up so... wounded?" Brinley states. Shortly after Candy's eighth visit (wounded), Brinley made the decision to follow Candy to see where she went every day after shop hours. Finally, Candy limped back to a shabby, broken-down shack at the edge of town. Our brave worker says, "I peeked into the window Candy had disappeared into, and I saw the strangest thing. Candy was outside again. I nearly followed, but Candy's owner (a sallow-faced woman in her mid-80s) sent a large greyhound after Candy. The mutt began tearing after Candy, catching her and repeatedly throwing her into the air till Candy screamed. I couldn't stand to watch, so I waited until Mrs. Thorn had turned her back, and I lured the thing back into the house." Brinley explains. "Soon after, Candy followed me back to Purr-Fect Pets, where Saranna and I tended to her injuries. Mr. and Mrs. Thomson, Josh's parents, adopted Candy, saving her from a lifetime of misery with Mrs. Thorn."

Doonesbury and Danice: The Dalmatians

Doonesbury and Danice were found by the side of the road, alone, wet, and cold. Doonesbury was badly injured, bleeding from a nasty wound to the head. Danice was stiff as a board, and barely breathing. Sara instructed Saranna to rescue them, but only Doonesbury responded. It wasn't till Brinley came to help that Danice moved. Saranna says, "To a small, half-dead creature like Danice, Brinley was an angel from heaven." Sara, our contact manager and part-time vet, states that Danice would not touch anything that was not given to her by Brinley. Soon after, Danice became a frisky dog that wouldn't leave anything alone, and that included Brinley. Brinley says, "Frankly, I'm a cat person. But Danice was a totally new experience for me. I couldn't leave the shop without her." Later on, Danice and Doonesbury were adopted by the Jacksons, who soon returned them, claiming their daily life could not accomodate two small Dalmatians. Out of the goodness of her blessed heart, Brinley adopted them. Brinley allows them to run free through the store. Employee Saranna says that, "Brinley was a perfect person for these poor pooches. But even though Brinley gives those pooches free reins in the store, Danice and Doonesbury help customers find things, no matter what they look for!"

Henri: A Different Kind of Bird

Henri was a small parrot living on the streets, and was constantly attacked by cats and dogs. Brinley alerted Sara, and she went to Henri's alleyway, which he had to share with a lot of vicious toms. Sara threw different pieces of chicken, luring the toms off one by one. Eventually, the only one standing was a mangy, flea-bitten rat-like tom with a ragged tail. "It was just so cruel, what those mangy cats were doing to Henri." Brinley argues that a cat's instinct was to chase down birds, but after a while, even she agreed that Sara had done the right thing. "Now, Henri won't sing for anyone but Sara. If you ever tried to teach Henri how to say something, or teach him to sing a different song, it won't matter. He just won't listen without Sara's approval." Saranna states calmly. "We all love Henri here at Purr-Fect Pets. Sometimes, if the customers ask Henri where certain supplies and items are, he'll supply them with answers, but only as long as Sara is there!"

Fozzie: A Fuzzy Friend!

Fozzie is a rare type of hamster. He was formerly called Rhino, but because he was a stray hamster, we adopted him. "It was all Brinley's idea! She insisted we rescue animals besides cats and dogs and birds." says Sara, official contact manager and animal tracker for Purr-Fect Pets. "Every day, Fozzie hung out around the bins out back. I guess he was hoping for some snacks or scraps. He always fluffed out his fur when anyone approached him, so for a while Fozzie was unadopted. But then, a travelling circus adopted Fozzie two years ago. They say Fozzie is a natural acrobat, and he leaps through hoops to please the crowds of people coming to watch Fozzie the Fabulous."

Gabriel and Giana: The Gerbils

Gabriel and Giana were rescued when Saranna told Sara to return to the alleyway that she had found Henri. Sure enough, when she got there, she found two orphaned, baby gerbils. "Actually, I thought they were hamsters originally. But Saranna observed their behavior and drew the conclusion that they were, in fact, gerbils." Sara decided that these two deserved a better life, so she made sure that whoever adopted them actually kept them together. Soon after, Laura and Gilbert Gilroy adopted them.

Chester: The Optimistic Tabby Tom

Chester was an underweight kitten, malnourished and easily irked by others. "Soon, we cap– I mean, rescued Chester. 'Capture' is too strong a word, "says Saranna. "Brinley worked her magic on him, and Chester was never negative again. To this day, Chester resides and makes his home in Purr-Fect Pets."

Lucy and Lucky: Doberman Litter mates

Lucy and Lucky were far from being lucky. In fact, they came from a secret, illegal facility that abused certain breeds of canines to make "the perfect guard dogs and killing machines". "For me, it was absolute torture," says dog trainer Saranna Jorgensen. "It was horrible, seeing these proud Dobermans snap at everyone, and it was just as bad to see the pain in their cold brown eyes." Lucy and Lucky were slowly healing, but they were still suspicious of people. One day, soon after they were rescued, Lucky snapped at Saranna's hand while she was feeding them, nearly taking off two digits of her middle finger. This was returned with a gentle but meaningful rap on his muzzle with Saranna's knuckles. Lucky was stunned into submission, and began showing obedient, even adoring, tendencies to her, as did Lucy. "I couldn't believe it. A gentle but firm rap on Lucky's head, and he began listening to me!" states Saranna. "It goes to show that most dogs will be shocked into obedience, but only if they are treated nicely, and with plenty of discipline.

Chance and Preston: Graceful Greyhound Brothers (Ex-thieves!)

Chance and Preston were found running away from an angry butcher, who was screaming at them for stealing his beef-and-meatloaf surprise. However, the two greyhounds puppies easily outpaced him, leaving him to scream at empty air. Saranna chased after them, losing them from time to time. "However, I soon found them when they lost the meat and were retracing their steps to find it. In reality, it'd rolled right in front of me, so I'd tucked it in a bag and chased after those troublemakers." Soon after, she led them into the Purr-Fect Pets' back room. "Preston was shivering, but Chance was literally taking his each and every chance to sniff the shop's occupants, whether they liked it or not! He actually got into the rabbit hutch, and terrorized Blinks and Slinks! Then, he knocked over Henri's cage in an attempt to scramble after Warren, a Russian blue tom cat! It was quite obvious Preston was the submissive dog, while Chance was the alpha pup." Saranna says proudly. Preston and Chance have found a welcoming owner in Saranna Jorgensen.

Luthor: Lame-legged Greyhound

Luthor was a former racing dog. When he was injured in a brutal race against Houdini, a vicious male greyhound that would stop at nothing to win, Luthor was severely injured. Houdini came up behind Luthor and snapped his powerful jaws straight through poor Luthor's left hind leg bone! Luthor's disgusted owner was furious when Luthor lost the race, owing to his now crippled hind leg. Mr.Banal ordered the vet, Scott Weedon, to put Luthor down. The vet refused, and said that if no one claimed Luthor in three days' time, he would put the poor dog out of his misery. Luthor was adopted by Saranna Jorgensen, who brought him to Purr-Fect Pets. Brinley, Saranna, and Sara nursed him back to health. When the leg wound worsened, a local vet offered to amputate his leg, and thus rescue Luthor from worse pain. The girls agreed. Now, despite the loss of his leg, Luthor continues to do what he still loves:


Raja: The Rushing Russian Blue!

Raja was rescued when Sara and Brinley took him from a shattered home. He formerly lived in a Russian Blue shelter owned by a Scottish man, Angus McNokitty. The man refused to give proper nourishment to the cats, and made Brinley furious. "You should have seen her ranting about the improper care of 'Raja', a cat she'd already named!" Executive dog trainer in chief, Saranna, says as she wipes a tear of laughter from the corner of her eye, then says in a serious tone, "Brinley sneaked back that night, and demanded that McNokitty give her Raja. When McNokitty refused, Brinley yelled at him, and demanded he release the Russian blues. McNokitty shakily unlocked five other cages before changing his mind. Before he could do anything, however, Brinley ushered the cats through the open back door, rescuing them from a lifetime of misery with McNokitty." (Note: Although Brinley rescued six families, they are not in this flyer. At least, not all of them)


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