Heart Diseases

By: Mady

Different types of Heart Diseases


-Cardiac arrest

-Rheumatic heart disease (Rheumatic Fever)

Some Heart problems that are not considered a disease may be

-Heart Murmur

-Pace Maker

Diet Preventions

-Control Portions

-Eat more Fruit and Vegetables

-Select Whole Grain products

-Limit unhealthy fats

-Eat less salt

Treatment's to prevent this from happening

Unfortunately, all you can do is eat healthier and see what happens with a heart disease.

Why is it important to know

It is important to know what all this things are and what symptoms they are because this may happen to you or someone else you know and you can prevent it from happening from not being in a hospital or having someone around that knows what they are doing. This heart disease's could put your life in risk.

Fun facts

1. Heart disease is the number one killer for both men and woman in the U.S.

2. Laughing helps open arteries which is good for your heart

3. Nearly 1/3 of the women's population die from heart attack

4. Most people

5. 30% of the people who die from heart disease are smokers