Roman Society

By Samantha Llanas and Estefanie Rodriguez

Punishments 😈

The punishments that people would get are to get equal to the crime that you did.

Another punishment that caught our attention is that they would become slaves and if slaves would do a crime, they were often crucified and beaten.

Some of the times, people would get fines-pay money,

Not all things are equal 🙅🏻

Male citizens enjoy most of rights. On the other hand, women had limited rights. For example, they were not able to vote,or participate in government offices. Something we learned was that slaves were PROPERTY with almost NO rights. They Had small chance for FREEDOM. FreEdmen that were once slaves but got their freedom, so they are slaves with limited rights

Art/Artists 🎨

Artists like Michael, Leonardo, and Rafael became inspired by realistic potrails of the human body that they saw in Rome. Then these artists started to create lifelike painting of human beings using rich colors and subtle shadings.