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October 27, 2019

Focus 2019-20

Our 3 Focus Areas for the 2019-20 school year:


Thank you to everyone who made communication a focus during quarter one. I've talked with many of you about the power your newsletters have had with parents and the two-way communication that has resulted. One high school teacher shared that he wasn't prepared for a newsletter but started a Twitter account and posts something positive daily. This has also generated more communication with students, parents, and colleagues. That is the focus - increased, positive, on-going communications.

Many parents have also commented positively on the communications they have received. It is making a difference and your efforts are appreciated. Please keep the lines of communication open and growing. If you struggled quarter one on finding a way to better communicate, let's talk about it for Quarter 2.

Social/Emotional Learning

Most of us can think of a time that our emotions got the better of us and we were faced with a situation we didn’t handle well. In this age of SocialEmotional Learning being a topic of so many conversations, we are faced with two options. One, we can remain the same; doing the same things we’ve always done, and getting the same results we’ve always gotten. Two, change our mindset and our actions so that they are relevant to the situations we are currently presented with.

We will continue to spotlight strategies to help address the needs of our students, but we also need to address our needs as the adults who care for these students. It is extremely important for us to ensure that we are truly engaged and working on a changed mindset Times are changing and so are the needs of society, including our students and our staff. As educators, it’s so very important to model these beliefs and behaviors with our students and colleagues.

I hope that Fall Break helped you recharge and focus for the 2nd quarter. If you reflected on any changes that you need to make going forward and you need help or support, please let us know.

Reading in All Subjects

Check out the article below on Reading and Writing in Math Class from Edutopia. I think it could be easily adaptable and applicable in even the upper math classes. The tie in that came to mind for me was using it to not only tie in reading, but also give students the opportunity to tie in careers - real world applications - of mathematics.

Unity Day

Thank you for your support of Unity Day! A special shout out to Mrs. Yoder for organizing, getting t-shirts and bracelets!
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Mrs. Gard’s CougarU is sponsoring a “Socktober” campaign here at CNJSHS.

This week, 10/28-11/1, they will be collecting socks to benefit the Noble House and Pilot House in Albion. Teachers who donate just 5 pairs of socks, can wear jeans ALL week!

For every 5 pairs of socks students donate, their name will be entered into a drawing for a DQ gift card. Please find tickets in your mailboxes for students who donate 5 pair.

Please show this Kid President video (How Do You Socktober?) to your CougarU on Monday or Tuesday. If you’d like more information visit

This is what it's all about! Way to go to Mrs. Gard's CU!

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Costume Contest

Jessica Owen sent information out just before break about our annual Costume Contest! I found these gems in my files this week and thought I would share! Hope you will all join in the fun! #carebearsaregoingdownthisyear

The Gillespie Family

I asked Brian if it was okay to share the following information. He and his family thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Brian has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. While it is certainly not the news any of us would want to get, he now knows what he is facing and has a plan of action. It is going to be a long several months ahead but it is curable and he is ready to fight. He will get a port on the 1st and starts chemo treatments the 4th. He plans to continue working as long as he is able throughout his treatment plan.

I talked to both Brian and his wife Joanne about how we might help as a staff. Please see attached Google doc for meal and gift card sign-ups for the next several weeks while they work through his treatment plan.

Upcoming Events:

10/30 - Natl FFA Convention

11/1 - First Friday Event

11/11 - Veterans Day

11/22 - Fall Play

11/23 - Fall Fling

11/27 - Thanksgiving Break

12/13 - Staff Holiday Party