ENSC Weekly Notes

October 12, 2015

Show Your ENSC Support!

Wednesday night, 4 - 9 p.m., is a special "Show Your ENSC Support" night at the St. James Restaurant. We want to pack the restaurant with East Noble supporters to continue showing our community how important a new middle school is for our students. Please have dinner or a snack at the St. James on Wednesday evening. Bring your friends, your neighbors, and your family. While a portion of the proceeds help support the efforts of passing the project, the evening isn't about money; it is about showing support for our district and our middle school!


October 30 is our in-service/eLearning day. Please continue to think about a 50 minute session you would like to facilitate. Remember, you don't need PowerPoints, Prezis, or Google docs. As a facilitator, you get to start the conversation so that participants can learn from each other.

During that same day, our students will be involved in an eLearning day.

Key Dates for Teachers

Below are some dates that you may want to be aware of.

  • December 1st, 2015 preliminary A-F grades will be posted to Learning Connection in an embargoed state
  • December 8th, 2015 final ISTEP+ data files available for schools
  • December 14th, 2015 Individual Growth Measures (IGM) and Negative Impact data will be posted in LVIS for school administrators to access
  • Mid-January 2016 final A-F accountability placement will be made by the State Board of Education and released to districts and schools

What the above means is, the Performance Grant funds "should" be released and paid out in January 2016.

Growth Mindset

As you know, I am a big fan of growth mind set! Below is a link I would like you to scan through. There is some excellent information for you to consider. http://www.coolcatteacher.com/photos/teaching-growth-mindset/

Below is a link to a ten minute, Carol Dweck TED Talk. This could even be a useful video for your students to view! https://www.ted.com/talks/carol_dweck_the_power_of_believing_that_you_can_improve?language=en

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A couple of links to check out


Saturday, October 24, 8:30 a.m.

Cupbearer Cafe

138 East 7th Street, Auburn, IN 46706

#coffeeEDU is an unconference casual event for educators. Bring a friend and come for 1 hour of participant driven discussion. An energizing opportunity to get out of your classroom and network with other educators. Details at http://coffeeEDU.org

East Noble High School teacher Alison Schlotfedlt is an organizer of this event.

Unsung Hero

Deb Clancy is the All Star of the Week. Deb works at the Alternative Learning Center as the Instructional Assistant for the Homebound Program and the Elementary/Middle School Program. Deb has worked for East Noble for 8 years and at the ALC for the last five years. She has been a huge asset to the program since she joined the team. Deb supports the students in the classroom and in the community. She attends all East Noble events and makes a point to encourage our students to be successful in all areas. She builds great relationships with the students and they look to her for guidance and support.

When Deb is not at school, she is spending time with her husband, Elmer, taking care of their horses and four dogs. She is an advocate for animal adoption and spends several hours supporting the Noble County Humane Shelter. Deb also spends time with her four children and six grandchildren, who are spread out all over the country.

Thank you Deb for the strength and stability you add to the program. East Noble ALC staff and ­students are lucky to have you.

Thank you!

Thank you for all you do for our students, staff, and families. I know I use that same line often. Regardless of how often I repeat that line, it is no less important. I appreciate all you do everyday and know that all of you are valuable and important to ENSC!

I hope you had time to relax during break!

Curriculum and Building Notes


This week I found a message from a weekly blog that I subscribe to so powerful that I copied it for all to read. How do you evaluate your impact?

Our Job Is to Evaluate Our Impact

Gail Boushey

I was listening to Dr. John Hattie speak on the Bedley Brothers podcast, anticipating another nugget that would be both profound and obvious.

I leaned in a little closer when Tim Bedley asked Dr. Hattie what practice teachers would implement first if they were to look at all his research. What is one thing they could do that would make a significant, positive difference for the students in their classes?

Dr Hattie hardly skipped a beat between question and answer. “When teachers walk into their rooms each day, they should say in their minds, 'My job is to evaluate my impact.'” He suggests that we look at our own teaching and ask, How is it working? Do we know where we are going? Do we know how to get there? Do we know where to go next? Answering these questions helps us evaluate our impact.

No longer can we blindly follow a program, pacing guide, or curriculum. As professionals, it is our responsibility to move beyond simply delivering lessons. When we work with students, providing instruction based on formative assessments, monitoring progress, and providing feedback, we will be following Dr. Hattie's advice to evaluate our impact, and it will be evident that it is reaching its greatest potential.

Alternative Learning Center

The leaves are changing and the air is cooler and Fall Break is coming to an end. I hope everyone had a chance to relax and get rejuvenated for the remainder of Trimester 1.

The students have worked so hard up to this point. They have earned this time off. Combined the students have earned a total of 75 credits. This is a huge accomplishment and forward progress toward the goal of graduation. By this point in the Trimester, each student should have earned at least one credit. Trimester 1 ends on November 6th, so there are four weeks left to complete coursework and earn credits. Several students have met with Mrs. Justus to learn their placement for Trimester 2 and set goals for the remainder of the year.

We have had a few great speakers visit the ALC. The speakers present on anything from secondary education to employment possibilities after high school. One of our ALC program goals is to educate our students about community resources and life after high school. If you have ideas about other guest speakers you would like to have invited, please talk to Mrs. Justus.

East Noble High School

East Noble is committed to preparing all kids for life beyond high school. Whether a student graduates as a valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA, or a student leaves us with a Certificate of Completion through our special education program, it is vital that all kids have skills necessary to be independent.

Students in our special needs program have access to a wide variety of job opportunities. Many people are unaware, but every Friday through our commercial grade kitchen, students prepare and serve restaurant quality lunch. This gives students the chance to learn real world job skills that they can use later in life.

Students are engaged in a variety of other job training related adventures. Whether it’s washing cars or making and selling tie-dyed tee-shirts, kids are working hard and earning marketable job skills. To date, vocational students have completed more than 50 working hours! Students have worked at Subway, sorted flyers for the Apple fest, cleaned the ENHS cafeteria, shredded paper for the APC, painted dug outs at Kendallville's Sports Complex, cleaned gymnastics mats for the youth center, worked at the Round Table Cafe, volunteered at the humane shelter, and painted Christmas boards for the parks department.

East Noble Middle School

This week at the middle school, students finished up the first quarter prior to fall break. They wrapped up projects, assignments, and finals. Students and teachers are looking forward to a nice fall break to rejuvenate for the next 9 weeks!

Mrs. Munger's No Excuses Class took a trip out of the state to her No Excuse University, Bowling Green State University. The students had a jam packed day! They ate on campus and toured the university. After their tour, they adventured to the ice arena where they got a behind the scenes tour with the head hockey coach! Finally, the trip ended with the students cheering on the BGSU women's volleyball team. Students got to give them "five" prior to the game and even meet them after! A fun time had by all!

If you haven't seen the ENMS "Watch Me"/College Go Week video, you NEED to check it out on YouTube! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z29711XDLXQ

Avilla Elementary

OUR kindergarten and first grade students had the opportunity to spend the day at Huntington University this past week! What a day it was for OUR students. The students had a great day and learned a lot. A huge thank you goes out to Noble County Promise for helping OUR students make this trip again this year.

OUR 6th graders spent this past Wednesday being interviewed for a position at JA Biz Town. OUR students will be visiting Biz Town later in October. The students have spent the past few weeks considering career types they may pursue in the future based on personal interests. The students created resumes for the occasion and were able to show those off during the interview. WE would like to thank the following for taking time out of their day to interview with OUR kids: Mrs. Laur, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Hudson, Ms. Ackerman, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Mosley, and Mr. Ogle.

The 6th grade also had Biz Town Mayor elections this past week. Several students ran for office and gave great speeches! We would like to congratulate Jon Housholder for being elected!

Please “Clear the Date”! Tuesday, October 13th is Tech Night at Avilla. The evening begins at 6:30. Each grade level will be going through the eLearning Day process. This is vital information to help your child be successful on those eLearning days! If you can’t make it at 6:30 a second session of eLearning information will be presented at 7:00. We hope to see ALL of OUR FAMILIES in attendance.

North Side Elementary

This past week at North Side was highlighted by Fall Break and a trip to college! Wildcat first and second graders made the hour long journey to Huntington along with students from around the area. At Huntington students were able to see the campus, explore multiple opportunities such as learning a new language and watching theatre routines and even see some of the more complicated academic offerings of a post high school experience.

Rome City Elementary

Romans have been busy this week both inside and outside of the classroom. Rome City's kindergarten and first grade classes visited Huntington University on Wednesday. Students were able to rotate through various stations learning about Ben Franklin, chemical reactions, and heart rates. They had a great time learning and preparing for college.

In tier time Mrs. Erexson’s 2nd graders compared and contrasted different versions of the 3 Little Pigs. They are wrapping up the unit by building a house that they think can withstand the Big Bad Wolf -Mrs. Erexson’s hair dryer!

Third graders continue to learn about sound with the help from Miss Haley of the Limberlost Public Library. Students completed three different experiments to learn about pitch, sound waves, and vibrations. Students used tuning forks, a slinky, and glass bottles with water to deepen their understanding of sound.

The busy week came to a close with a Family Tech Night on Wednesday and the annual Red Cross Blood Drive on Thursday. At the Tech Night parents were informed of eLearning expectations and procedures. They also enjoyed getting acquainted with some of the apps and programs their children will be using. Several families helped make the Blood Drive a success. We are very appreciative for those who were able to participate for such a worthwhile cause.

South Side Elementary

We hope all of our families have had a great fall break and enjoyed the beautiful weather together. At South Side, we are ready to jump into this next season, preparing for our first eLearning day on October 30th, our Fall Festival on November 6th, and a holiday season full of music programs, guest speakers and performers in the building, and engaging learning activities and projects as our students dig deeper into reading, writing, problem solving, and innovation! Like us on our new Facebook page to follow the action!

Our grade level update this week comes from our fifth grade team: Fifth grade students have been jumping right in to Raz-Kids reading! They stay engaged, and love the leveled readers. They have been earning gold stars and accessorizing their robots. Students are also diving into expository writing. They are learning the steps of the writing process, and how to plan appropriately. In Math, students have mastered multiplication and they are moving along in division! Students are also creating a Power Point explaining the states of matter. Big news for this year—South South Side’s fifth graders are returning to Camp Potawatomi! Plans are well underway for this long-traditional field trip and learning opportunity. We will be heading there in the spring!

Wayne Center Elementary

The sixth grade has been off to a great start this school year! In Math, the students just wrapped up their first unit on using statistical data to create graphs and analyze graphs. The students also took a peek into rational numbers (many of you would recognize those as fractions) and how to graph them on a number line. Our next unit will take us deeper into fractions and including how to multiply and divide fractions. We will also be taking a look at rates and ratios. For Writing, we have been working on a Personal Narrative (Memoir), with a focus on following the steps of the writing process. In Reading, the students recently completed the book Hatchet and are in the process of completing a project demonstrating their knowledge of the elements of a story as evidenced in the book.

On an even more exciting note, the students spent the past several weeks preparing for the annual field trip to BizTown. This yearly adventure teaches students how to run a business and manage money. The students applied for jobs, worked cooperatively in those business groups to run a successful business, and learned how to write checks, use debit cards, make deposits, and balance a checkbook! The day was a success as most of the businesses successfully paid off their business loans by the end of the day! I heard many students comment that they now understand why their parents come home from work so tired every day. Many great life lessons were learned while we were at BizTown!