Facts and Statistic presented by John LePage

What is Dwarfism?

Dwarfism is a disease where your/your child's size is way lower than average, hence the name "dwarf"ism. It cannot be cured or treated to make you any taller. The tallest you could get is 4' 10".

How it happens

Dwarfism may be the result of certain kidney and heart diseases. Even if you are tall or average sized, you my still give birth to a dwarf. There are some cases where dwarves were born, but they grew to average size and weight through their first year of living.

Types of Dwarfism


Q:Are there treatments?

A: There are treatments, but not cures. Dwarfism is not curable.

Q:Is Dwarfism genetic?

A: Yes, if you have dwarfism, your children may as well.