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Design it Clean: Engineer Consultations

Engineers Needed...

Are you an amateur or professional engineer? Do you like to tinker, design, invent and create? Have you spent time in India, the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua? Would you like the opportunity to push student thinking? If so, Team 7-2 students need your help.

Small teams of students are currently using the ideas of design thinking to address a global issue, lack of consistent access to clean water, by focusing on the following driving question:

Can we help people in communities in India, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua that do not have consistent access to clean water by designing and building simple, effective, inexpensive water filters?

Student teams have finished at least 1 water filter iteration and want your feedback and suggestions.

Design It Clean Engineer Consultations

Monday, May 2nd, 7:30am to Wednesday, May 4th, 2:15pm

Oberon Junior High School, Quail Street, Arvada, CO, United States

I want to connect our classroom with the experts in our community. Stop by our classroom this week and consult with our student design teams. Spend a few minutes, a period, two periods or more. Student teams will share their water filter design sketches, water filter prototypes and test data with you. Ask them questions, give suggestions and feedback, push their thinking.

Engineer Consultations Needed During....

1st Period: 7:25 - 8:18

2nd Period: 8:22 - 9:11

4th Period: 10:08 - 10: 57

5th Period: 11:40 - 12:29

7th Period: 1:26 - 2:15

If you can stop by, please let me know via email at

Thank you in advance for your help!