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June 2021

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Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome to another great and helpful newsletter that connects you to educational resources and links to information that are intended to increase the language proficiency and academic success of your child.

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On the Supporting my Child page, you can access a compiled list of helpful websites to use with your child at home, during the summer. Below are only a few highlighted websites to get you started. To access to full list, visit Helpful Websites for At-Home Learning

Information available in Spanish - Brainpop Espanol

Animated Educational Site for Kids with content available in the areas of: Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology.


Learn over 30 languages online or in an app through short lessons.

How Stuff Works

Articles broken down by subject along with games, quizzes, and videos.

Turn screen time into a learning opportunity. Check out for interactive lessons and educational videos for all ages.
Do you have a child who is preparing for college or a career beyond high school? Visit our Community Partners page for resources that are helpful for you and your child in planning their college or career path.

How can I find meals for my child?

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) is for families with children (up to age 21) who temporarily lost access to free or reduced-priced meals at school during the COVID-19 pandemic. P-EBT benefits can be applied for now until August 13, 2021.

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Summer is here and the Texas Department of Agriculture wants to help you make sure your children stay healthy and active during the summer break. Learn more about their Summer Meal Programs at
Visit the Texas Migrant Education Program (TMEP) web portal designed to meet the unique needs of parents and families of migratory children, including out-of-school (OSY). The site provides resources for early childhood, scholarships, and education resources for parents of K-12 migratory children.
Learn more about your school or district by visiting to search for your school or district for an in-depth look into how they are performing in different areas. English / Spanish
Every student who takes the STAAR test receives a STAAR Report Card that helps parents see where their child is doing well and where he or she may need extra help. Visit for great informational videos and resources for families. Spanish

With the end of the school year, find ways to celebrate your child’s accomplishments and begin planning your family’s summer adventures.

  • Create video messages to share your child’s celebration with family members

  • Create indoor/outdoor camping adventures.

  • Have fun indoor dance parties

  • Weekend visit to a farmer’s market

  • Go on a walk around the neighborhood

  • Find a nearby park to have a family picnic

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To help your child continue to improve their reading skills during the summer, provide fun books that are of interest. Visit Start with a Book, to discover summer books and activities.

Self-Care Tips

Supporting Mental Health and Wellness At-Home

Here are a few wellness skills you can practice at home during the summer months to help create healthy habits. To access all 10 suggestions, visit this link for ideas.

  • Take care of yourself, even when it feels like the last thing you can do right now.

In order to cultivate healthy mental health and wellness of young people, you must take care of your own emotional wellness. Young children are sensitive to the stress of their caretakers.

  • Engage in creativity together

Examples of creativity in action include cooking or baking together, doing puzzles, coloring, art projects, playing board games, or writing a poem or a song together.

  • Help your child express and name emotions

This helps young people understand what it is that they’re feeling. If children are struggling to identify their feelings, ask them to express it through drawing, a facial expression, or through a movement in their body.

On the web portal, under Community Partners, you can find resources for health support services to support your families. Visite TEA’s Mental Health Resources page that has links to 24 hour support.

Take Some Time for You and Your Family

Remember, summer is a time to enjoy activities and spend more time with your family. Find creative ways to continue making learning fun. Also, remember to take time for yourself and find ways to engage in self-care for you and your family.

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