Dead Sea

By Anna Taraszewski

Lowest point

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth its about 400 meaters below sea level
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Saltist Sea

The dead sea is also the worlds most salty sea. And because of the salt, there is no wildlife that live in the sea.
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The Dead sea is located in Isreal, and its considered on of there most natural wonders.
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Natural Wonders

Because of the massive amount of salt in the Dead Sea, it will cause you to float on top of the water.
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Healing power

The Dead Sea has depostits of Black mud that are filled with salt and nutirents. Lots of people go to the dead sea to bathe in these deposits because it make their skin healther.
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The Dead Sea is to be said shrinking 13in per year! some scientist say that the sea will be gone within the next 50 years.
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