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Q4 Alternative Learning Showcase on May 26th

We've had a very exciting Quarter 4 so far.

Through our treasured partnership with Robin Hickman-Winfield (grand niece of Gordon Parks), actor Kyle Johnson from "The Learning Tree" visited GPHS last week and we dedicated a GPHS Learning Tree, and this story reached national news.

Graduation is coming up on June 6th. Read more below, and celebrate with our graduates.

Our Q4 Alternative Learning Showcase is on May 26th, in Midway Peace Park! Join us for great food, conferences, learning experiences, adventures in the park, and more.

Poem by Joseph Ballard "Sickness"

What’s a sickness
Is what I would ask if I wasn’t a witness

An uneasy feeling which wants you gone
Serving as another pawn
Lifting you up…and dropping you along

Do I deserve this
Is there regret
I’m spending time alone
Wondering what’s best
While still taking that next step

Does it mean death
To me, it does
Cause silence represents being left

So what’s a sickness
What’s crazy is I don’t know
Even being a witness
Cause I slow down
And think of my sickness
Asking, am I my sickness

Where’s the cure for that wickedness

Dedicating a Learning Tree with Actor Kyle Johnson

Read some of the press coverage of the tree dedication last week:

Minnesota Public Radio

Pioneer Press

St. Paul Public Schools



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The BIG day is coming up: GPHS Graduation.

We're so happy for our graduates, who have navigated such significant challenges. Their success is the product of family, friends, guardians, siblings, teachers, counselors and many others. We are all joining to celebrate student success!

Here are the graduation details:

Time: 5:30 PM

Date: June 6th, 2022

Location: St. Catherine's University

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On May 26th, we're having our first ever Alternative Learning Showcase in Midway Peace Park. At this event, parents & guardians can check in with teachers for updates about their child's learning progress. We will also have a full spread of food, drink, and interactive learning activities. We'll also be recognizing students with awards.


3:30-4:00 Conferences, food,

4:00-5:00 Awards program, FLEX Friday project info

5:00-5:30 Conferences, food

GP RECONNECT: An incentive program for students who have stopped participating in school

We want you to reconnect with Gordon Parks High School. We can help you get back on track toward graduation. To encourage you, we are offering a $25 Target Gift Card for students who complete these three GP Reconnect steps:

1) Contact your counselor to update your Graduation Plan and get a schedule.

2) Upon receiving your schedule, reach out to all your teachers.

3) After connecting with all your teachers, complete just one full week of school.

Based on completion of these criteria, you will receive a $25 Target Gift Card! (limited to one).

And new this year, is our Sustain Momentum incentive. If you return to school and "sustain momentum" you can continue earning incentives till you qualify Credit Program Incentives!

GPHS Credit Earning Incentives

We want you to stay on track toward graduation. To encourage you, we are offering incentives based on the number of credits you earn in each 3-week grading cycle.

1-2 classes (or 14-28% of your classes): $5 Target Gift Card

3-4 classes (or 29-50% of your classes): $10 Target Gift Card

5-6 classes (or 51-99% of your classes): $25 Target Gift Card

Honor Roll (100% of your classes): $50 Gift Card

You can earn these incentives each 3-week cycle till the end of the 2022 school year!

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Hey Students- If you want to see if you qualify to earn Work Experience elective credits, it's simple: "Talk to your counselor." After meeting with your counselor you will be connected with one of our work experience coordinators to learn more.
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Do you need a virtual meeting with your School Social Worker, Ms. Fountain? Click on the link and schedule a time that works for you.