Luna Maud Tully

My great grandmother

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Luna's Life

Luna was born in Knox, Missouri on April 27, 1900. Her fathers name was George and her Mothers name was Blanch. When she was ten years old she moved Santa Clara, California, with her new born sister Gladys. She attended San Jose High School and was able to read and to write.

On August 10, 1929, Luna married Paul Rieder. Luna was a bookkeeper Paul was an exectutive of a large cement company in Sunnyvale. They moved to Sunnyvale on November 29, 1934. Kay Rieder was their first and only child born on May 29, 1936.

Luna later owned her own moving and storage company. Her and Paul also owned Rieder's Feed and Poultry Supplies Store. It opened on June 10,1945. It was a very successful business, selling animals and supplies.

Luna was also an avid traveler. Throughout all of the amazing places she went, she kept a journal. She would often visit Kay and her husband Jim in loon. She also went to many other places in Europe including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Ireland. In her journal she explains her experiences and what she learned about the city.

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Events that happened in her life

When Luna was 17, World War One started.

When she was five years old, the San Francisco Earthquake occurred killing around 500 people and leaving San Francisco in ruins.

The great depression had an impact on Luna and her families life. The great depression started in 1929 and ended in the late 1930's. Kay, Luna's daughter, was dressed in old flower sack dresses that Luna had made for her. It was a hard time for her owning a business.

In 1969 the first man landed on the moon.

She also lived during the civil rights movement in 1955.

Luna's Legacy

Luna died on November 27, 1983, In Walnut Creek. Her daughter Kay married Jim Cohune and had three children, Stewart, David, and my mother Susanne. Kay recently passed on March 3, 2015.

I hear many stories about great grandma Luna from my mother and my uncles. They all say that she was a fun, charismatic, glamorous lady, with a broad personality.