The Lottery

By: Eli Werner, Dylan Anderson, Blake Bonifas

The POV is 3rd Person Objective

The reason we know that The Lottery is 3rd Person Objective point of view is because the narrator never said any thoughts of the characters. There were many characters but none of them had any thoughts.

Literary Devices

Personification- The grass was richly green.

Personification- The black box grew shabbier each year.

Allusion- The guy broke his leg and the oldest guy in the family has to draw so the boy drew for him.


The story is about a village that has a annual drawing of the lottery. It is not always good though the person who gets the black dot on there slip of paper then has to have his whole family draw and see which one will get pelted with rocks.
The Lottery by Shirley Jackson (Summary) - Minute Book Report

We are Buddies!!!

We liked because there was a lot of action and a lot of stuff happening.