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The Basics

Chile is in South America. Right next to Argentina and Bolivia. They have warm, dry summers. They also have wet, cool winters between September and April. They rarely get snow. They have a Mediterranean climate.

How to Fit In

The people there mainly speak Spanish. To greet somebody you shake their hand and give them a hug. At a restaurant you give a 10% tip normally. When you give gift you give a high standard gift. The work force is 30% women. They do not do abortions, they do not say no, they do not ask personal questions, and you do not sit until you are told where to sit.

Digging Deeper into Culture

One of the subcultures is Pokemon. Some culture landscapes are soccer, the rodeo, using the train, bus, airplane and taxi. The homes are usually square and connected to each other. Most restaurants are fancy but they also do have fast food. Today they have a more stable government, they have government growth, the corruption is low, and they have modern cities.

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