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Small country, but definitely not small experience!

Map of Singapore, Singapore

Saucy Snacks!

Have you ever tasted truly original Singapore food? If you haven't, you need to right now! In Singapore, they have a variety of food carts, that roam the streets, but don't worry, their cleanliness level is displayed. When you think of fast food, you probably think of the United States, but Singapore is known for people going out to eat. In almost every restaurant, you will find common foods and drinks twisted into new foods and flavors. All in all, Singapore has some surprising turns , but you just have to sit back and enjoy!

Holy Holidays

If you go to Singapore during certain times, you can celebrate some colorful holidays, Singapore Style! As many cultures as there are and as many holidays, there is one common holiday : Chinese New Year! One interesting holiday that is celebrated is Qing Ming. That celebrates two families staying together after a divorce.Even though it is a totally different country, there are some holidays we both celebrate like, Labor Day. No matter what time of year it is, holiday or not, you will have a great time with a wonderful experience in Singapore!

Athletic Activities

Singapore is a place full of museaums, and acivites that could intrust you. Some popular sports in Singapore include: Soccer, swimming, rugby, tennis, basketball, and netball. If you still want to connect to the United States, you can go have fun with roller coasters, skate parks, and water parks.One of the most interactive activites on your part, is a place where you an be apart of a play and preform for an audience. And on the weekends, it won't be as crowded on the weekdays, because thats when Singapore families relax and spend time with each other. If you want to have a blown-away trip to Singapore, do one of these!

Mellow Museums

Singapore is also known for their super-smart museums. Because there are so many religious groups, they have a lot of museums. Some of the most popular museums in Singapore are the: Singapore Art Museum and the Singapore History Museum. A museum that could appeal to kids is the Moment of Imagination and it displays very old but very cool toys. And those of you who want to learn about different subject, go to the National Library of Singapore that holds 5.6 million books; a book for everything! When you go to Singapore you have to visit one of these landmarks.

Loving Languages

Singapore has a lot of different languages, but almost everybody can speak some English. For most people in Singapore, they speak more then one language. The main languages spoken are: Chinese, Malay, Tamil, and English. Even though English isn't the most spoken language, it is still used in science, technology, commence, and tourism. There is a local Singapore language combing Singaporean and English called: Singlish. You may speak English or Chinese, but one things for sure : you'll meet someone new that will speak multiple languages.

Wacky Weather

Make sure to bring an umbrella, because in Singapore it rains a lot! It's typically hot and rainy. The average temperature is between 75`F -88`F. Singapore is almost out of fresh water. No matter hot, cold, rainy, or sunny, you will have an awesome time in Singapore!




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