Help for your informational text (by : wil)


To start this Informational piece we go to the part of things that we actually might need the most........TRANSITION WORDS!

Understanding Transition Words

Here are two websites that will give you examples of transition words and

Transition Words

Here are some examples of transition words

Guided practice with Transition Words

Guided Practice #1

We are going to create a sentence like this one but with NO transition word.

The sentence is "Me and molly went to school today"

We are going to say that this will be close to the end so we are going to put the word EVENTUALLY

"Eventually, me and molly went to school." I had to trim down the sentence cause it would not have made sense. Pretty simple but if you need more practice I will have more down below.

Guided Practice #2

Now we are going to do a sentence that starts a the beginning.

The sentence is "I walk to school by myself every morning."

We are now going to put the word initially in front of I.

"Initially, I walk to school by myself every morning" This sentence made perfect sense by itself so I did not need to trim it down.

This guided practice has helped your understanding of transition words in many ways and if you want to see a list of transition words that could help as you write (It might have even helped me with this Smore).

Explaining the Transition Word

A transition word works like a dab of glue that holds all your words together making a great sentence. But, (<--- see what I did there) some transition words don't go good with the words in your sentence or its not even supposed to be used at that part in general! So, to find certain transition words that go with the beautiful sentence that popped out of you brain.

Examples of Introduction transition words

  • such as,
  • as,
  • particularly,
  • including,
  • as a illustration,
  • for example,
  • like,
  • in particular,
  • for one thing,
  • to illustrate,
  • for instance,
  • especially,
  • notably,
  • by way of example.
These transition words as it says in their name will help you write your introduction paragraph.

Some more transition words that go to your conclusion

  • to conclude (with),
  • as a final point,
  • in the end,
  • eventually,
  • finally,
  • at last,
  • lastly,

If you want to see more transition words for your body paragraphs click the link below