ELA Terms to Know

Diana Hernandez Period 2


Definition: the suggestion of a second meaning to a word

Example: The banana peel was very COOL.

COOL can be cool as in temperature for example, "Ice is very cool."

COOL can also be as in something is very popular for example, "The new car is very cool."

Memory Trick: CONnotation: CON like a con man it has two sides and a connotation has two meanings


Definition: the literally meaning of the word/ the meaning of a work in the dictionary.

Example: There is many DRAMA QUEENS in the world and sometimes that can have an impact on society.

DRAMA QUEEN in the dictionary is defined as, a person given to often excessively emotional performances reactions, and there is only one meaning for the word.

Memory Trick: deNOtation: NO in the word means that there is NO second meaning and it literally means what it says.