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April 26, 2019

Dear Families,

As fun as our passion week was, many of us (students and staff) were happy to be back on a normal school bell schedule. Between CMAS testing and Dr. Glass's challenge, it had been over two weeks since we had a regular school day. Kudos to our teachers for being able to hit the ground running on Monday despite having little to no preparation time last week.

We are looking forward to a fun dance this evening to cap off our Spirit Week! We hope to see many of our kids here. Enjoy the nice weather and have a great weekend.

David / Mr. Luongo

Good News

The Colorado Department of Education approved the variance waiver for instructional hours lost as a result of snow days and the security threat on Wednesday, April 17. This means that all Jeffco schools do not need to make up instructional hours at the end of the year!

Penny Stall - Friday, May 3rd

Please participate in the PENNY STALL on Friday, May 3. Have your student bring as many coins as they can find so that they can help their classmates STALL 1st period! As long as it takes the teachers to count their coins, their class is STALLED. The class who raises the most money for Manning PTA wins a donut party. The proceeds of the Penny Stall will go straight to creating an outdoor classroom area in our Manning Courtyard!

7th Graders Turn Passion Week into a Reality

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On Wednesday night, Maddie Weiser, Alex Clark, and Stella Bane presented their Challenge Week Project idea to ban plastic bags to the Golden Sustainability Advisory Board. Part of their process during Passion Week was to connect with the Golden City Council and the Mayor of Golden who got them in touch with the Board who encouraged them to not only attend the meeting but present their idea during public comment. Mr. Jonson came to support them and has offered to continue working with them - because why should Challenge Week be limited to a week?! The girls have been invited to stay in touch with the Board and will be invited back to present when the Board presents their proposal to City Council.

New Access Competition

If you have any slightly used or new clothing that you are not going to wear anymore or any canned and or boxed food, then, please, donate these items to the boxes in your access class before the 10th of May. The access class that donates the most will get a free doughnut party.

~ McKenna Merz & Chloe Haynes

High School Musical is Coming Along

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Twisted Tuesday Was Interesting

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Pickleball is the Latest and Greatest PE Unit

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Beech Street Parking

Our neighbors who live across 32nd Avenue along Beech Street are requesting Manning families to observe the posted signs, which read, "No Parking." Otherwise, it is very difficult for two-way traffic to flow. If you parallel park along Beech Street to wait to pick up your student after school, please make alternative arrangements. Thank you!

Students Study the Skeletal Structures by Dissecting a Chicken Wing

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Wyatt Johns Wins 2nd Place with Spinner Bracelet at Middle School Art Show

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Raku Firing in Art Class

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On Wednesday and Thursday our art students engaged in a Raku firing of their ceramic works on the patio outside the building. The process entailed heating the kiln up outside using propane and removing the pieces when they are about 1800-2000 degrees (red hot)! Then students placed their pieces in a container filled with combustibles to make "magic" happen!
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Avid 4 Adventure Summer Camps

If anyone is interested in sending their student to a camp this summer in the Great Outdoors, consider these opportunities offered by Avid 4 Adventure.

Theater Camp July 22 - 26

The Maestro Music Institute is offering a week long camp where students can practice and improve their acting and singing skills. Click below for more details.

Outdoor Lab Fundraising

The Lab Cards Program has changed as of April 1, 2019. You now have two options to fundraise for your student's tuition fee. You can purchase a Safeway Lab Card, or you can participate in the King Soopers Community Giving Program. Please read below for further info!

Guest Speaker from Xcel Energy

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Mr. Taylor presented to our 6th-grade science class about the electric power industry. He works for Xcel Energy in the Commercial Operations department and explained how they balance the electric power system, buy and sell electricity, and fuel the thermal power plants. Students loved learning about how turkey litter can create energy!

Next District Diabetes Support Group Meeting

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Message from the PTA

We're planning a great week (May 6-10) to celebrate the amazing teachers and staff at Manning. Please sign up to help via this link. We have had great response so far, but are still in need of several Target gift cards to give to the teachers and staff, and a few other items. Thank you for your incredible generosity!

The Manning PTA needs you! We are in need of chairs for both the silent auction and the chili cookoff in the fall.

The silent auction can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like- we have often done a very simple event, and as a chairperson you would be able to go bigger if you want, or not. The chair for the chili cookoff will help organize a committee to set up the chili cooks and the cafeteria.

You can respond here, via Messenger, or shoot us an email at if you would like to help or have questions about either chair position.

Do you know a 7th grader with great potential?

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) is a fun, exciting and life-changing summer experience available for students.

WHEN: July 21-July 26 OR July 28-Aug. 2

Denver Mile High Rotary is sponsoring 2 students for this amazing opportunity. If you would be interested in applying, please check out:

To apply online go to

Make sure you select "Denver Mile High" from the dropdown, so you your application gets assigned to the right club. The Application is due in April and there will be an interview in May.

Acting Opportunity

Golden's award-winning theater, Miners Alley Playhouse, is currently offering their spring after-school theater classes. Miners Alley Playhouse is known throughout the region for presenting professional, top-notch work, and their classes and summer programs are no exception. Please click below for details about enrolling your children in these after-school adventures!

Follow Manning on Instagram! username- manningschool

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Please follow us on facebook, too! @themanningschooljeffco

Reminder to Utilize Tutor Time in the Morning 7:50 - 8:15

Don't fall behind! Come get extra one-on-one attention with your teachers before school.

  • Monday - Math or Electives
  • Tuesday - Math or English or 6th Grade Science
  • Wednesday - Math or Social Studies
  • Thursday - Math or Science
  • Friday - Math

PLC Update

This past Wednesday, our teachers met in subject area departments and discussed the insights of our three teachers (Mr. Crawford, Ms. Putnam, and Mr. Hageman) who acted as a student for an entire school day. After the experience, they were able to share a fresh perspective of what it's like to be a student at Manning. Then each department had conversations around one or more of the following questions:

    • What do we want kids to know and be able to do? (Curriculum, Vertical Alignment)

    • How will we know when they’ve learned it? (Assessment)

    • What will we do if they haven’t learned it? (Re-teach, Intervention)

    • What will we do if they already know it? (Extension)

At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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  • Giuseppe Licata was honest to me and my friends.
  • Mr. Jonson is a brutally honest person who tells us when we need to get our work done. He pushes us to do our best while still giving us tough love.
  • Mr. Miller creates great relationships with colleagues and students. He is honest, thoughtful, and calm when under pressure. We appreciate everything you do because it brings joy to our day - which includes the donuts! :)
  • Timothy McCarthy found Air pods by the crates outside and gave them to Ms. Beattie.


  • Lily Velapoldi always tries her best in Digital Design. She is determined and preserving. She works hard and is a great student. When she gets stuck, she keeps going!
  • Racine Rieke is always trying really hard to do the best she can in all of her classes, and be a good friend. She is super nice and tries her best to help other people do well too!
  • Ms. Putnam is the coolest because she always provides us with a numerous amount of activities and fun things to do every day.
  • Ms. Agard is always being the best she can be.
  • Mr. Rubin is always willing to help us out and a very good teacher!!! Thanks!!
  • Ms. Cahill made an amazing effort to make sure everything worked for MAP testing, only to find out the 7th period couldn’t get in. She had to change and reroute her schedule for the week, but through it all, pushed through to give us a lesson. She really made an effort to make it work the best it can for us students, and I think her effort needs to be recognized.


  • When they were done with their work and I was behind, Garett Kula helped me so I didn't stay behind.
  • Ms. Austin is the nicest art teacher and cares about each and every one of her students a lot! She is so kind and always has the best projects! She is passionate about what she does and I loved doing our raku firing today!! It was SO exciting!
  • Three 7th Grade students - Maddie Weiser, Stella Bane, and Alex Clark - took their passion project and did a great job presenting parts of it in front of the Golden City Council Wednesday night. They were very respectful and professional and represented Manning in an amazing way. Their presentation may be the start of something that may lead to change for Golden and the surrounding community. Great Job!
  • Keira Davis and Milo Messina volunteered to take on two scientist roles in our science activity. This meant that they read and annotated 2 sets of data to create 2 sets of graphs. They then communicated all information to their group. I am very proud of you both!


  • Ally, Ceci, and Camy all helped me feel better when I was sad and stressed and gave me hugs.
  • Milo Messina is always so nice and funny he is always respecting others and being nice he is just an amazing person!!!!!
  • Mariella Franklin is such an incredible friend. She brightens my day whenever I see her. We've known each other from the literal beginning of school and we are still best friends to this day. Thank you, Mariella!
  • Dylan Mead is such a good friend and he always cheers me up.
  • Ella Yancey always has a smile on her face and helps me every time I am feeling down.
  • Caroline Eldridge is always son nice and respectful
  • Lynessa Perez is always generous, and caring for others.
  • Audrey Rice is always looking out for everyone to make sure they are okay. If someone is looking lonely in the hallways she goes up to them to see what's wrong. Also, she is always kind and honest no matter what.
  • Rhiley Lewis-Larsson and Ryder Williams are always happy and want to make people laugh, and even if they do have a bad day they always try to brighten everything up, and even sometimes not on purpose. This shows respect because they are making the school happier every day.
  • Jade Morrison is a great person who respects her friends and makes them laugh. She is one of the coolest most crazy people in my friend group, and she has really made this year good. She is also very smart, and me being stupid, I respect that.
  • We were at recces and one of Aiden Piper's friends thought it would be funny to go up to a person and trip them. But Aiden talked to his friends and said it wouldn't be nice or kind to do that and that they should not do it.
  • Brayden Bergren is always there for me when I am down and he is a great friend to have.
  • Ms. Burg helped me when I was having a terrible day. I needed someone to talk to and she helped me and gave me some mindfulness tips and she made my day SOOOOOO much better.
  • Ms. Putnam is such a nice teacher and I love how happy and energetic she is. She is always helping me out and cares about everyone! Thanks, Ms. Putnam!
  • Alex Reese is such an amazing person, and friend, who is always there for me when my grandpa passed, helping me every step of the way. Love you Alex.
  • Miette Jandreau is such a kind person who always tries to do the best she can right by everyone. As my grandpa passed, she always offered to be there for me, and help me get through it. Both she and Alex will forever be in my debt.
  • Monica also really helped me get through all the stuff that’s going on in my life, and is there to support me through it all. I am so glad she is my friend; because I don’t know what I’d do without her.
  • Colin Hill lent his Chromebook to a peer whose Chromebook died during MAP Testing. Thanks, Colin!
  • Anna Drogsvold is so kind to me and my friends, she is always so happy, and supportive of me. I know that she will always be there for me! Thank you Anna!
  • Zennyth Gray is a great friend, and has kindness, and empathy for me, and many others. She is such an cool person to be around! Thank you Zennyth!
  • Nick Kruse helps me when i struggle and when ever i'm felling down he cheers me up. he puts a 100% into his friend ship and i'm glad he is my friend


  • During Passion week Mrs. Mary came into our classroom and helped students come up with ideas to make their passion project that much better.
  • Sam Larson helped me with some school work and made sure I understood it and helped me when I got stuck.
  • Riley Ainslie and Lizzie Perrone helped me with my passion because they helped me hold and care for the leopard geckos. They really went out of their way for someone else and I think that is great.
  • When we were doing a project Garett Kula helped me and my friends when we got behind
  • Luna Bella is a cool lizard. She's really nice and helps me in science.
  • In digital design class Ella Yancey helped me with Javascript coding when I was having trouble with it. She is very fun to have in class but still gets work done when she needs to.
  • Thank you to 6th Science Teacher Aides for everything you do! Addison Helms, Olivia Darrow, Ashley Rathbun, Kindred Alvarado, & Zennyth Gray - We appreciate you and your hard work. You each bring something different to our classroom and we love that you create content related tasks and games to share with your peers.
  • Thank you to Ms. Edoff, Mrs. Pouliot, and Mr. Luongo for helping with CMAS week. It was very well organized and we loved the mints! :)

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The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.