Review Safety Quiz No.2

IPS Study Guide


Avyah Sharma

Period 7 IPS

Study Guide

September 17, 2013

Pre/Inter-Lab and Post-Lab Notes


  • purpose as follows in your notebook
  • everythings follows in the notebook

Red Liquid

  • phenol liquid
  • used as ph indicator
  • bellow 7 on the ph level makes it turn yellow
  • above 8 makes it turn pink
Ph Scale/Levels

  • 0-7-14
  • acid-natural-alkaline or base
  • measures acidity to 14
  • lemon juice is 1.5 on the ph level
  • tums are 10 on the ph level
Solid A

  • calcium chloride (calcium and chloride)
  • hydrotropic- attracted to and absorbs water (solid a)
  • hydrophobic- doesn't like water
  • used in canned veggies to suck up water and etc to absorb the moisture
  • considered and electrolytes
  • used to flavor pickles
Solid B

  • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • not acidic
  • uses in toothpaste, cat litter, and cooking
  • rises things

Heating Baking Soda Lab Notes

Pre/Inter-Lab Notes and Post-Lab

  • Gas comes from heating of baking soda
  • water is colored to see in diagram
  • had big air bubble in inverted bottle
  • bubble is made of air from the heated baking soda
  • gas comes from the baking soda when heated
  • gas goes up to the inverted bottle
  • top of test tube is cold and the bottom is hot
  • droplets come from the hot gas from the heated baking soda touching the cooler part of the test tube, thus condensing it creating liquid.
  • control group-un-heated test tube
  • expiremental group- heated
  • indicator
  • tea shows color change and that they are different substances or one changed through the heated. they then would have been the same colors.
  • variables