Inside Earth

By Sam Morey

the plates have moved!

The plates are the crust's broken up pieces that move little tiny bits at a time. We think all continental plates were together. We think this because we found fossils of plants and animals across the ocean from each other and the animals couldn't swim.


erosion is what breaks down rocks. there are three main types of erosion. wind erosion, witch blows lose rocks to form piles. there is water erosion, witch pulls lose rock with the water . Finally there is ice erosion witch cuts through the rocks leaving a narrow hole. ice erosion causes the most change to the earth's surface. wind erosion causes the least.


Rocks and minerals

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The rock cycle is how rocks change from one type to another. with heat and preasure, they change. they do not change quickly, it takes along time for rocks to break down then reform.
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Minerals can form in lava / magma or in water. We identify minerals by doing tests on them, for example the density test.

What I enjoyed!!

I enjoyed doing all those centers, and how most of it was hands on stuff.