Hound Dog True

Linda Urban

This book is about a girl Matty and her uncle Potluck. Now her uncle is not normal hes quite strange if you ask me... Her uncle potluck speaks to the moon for comfort and that way he knows hes no lonley deep inside. Now matty thinks that is silly but later on in the story matty finds herself talking to the moon as well. Matty and uncle Potluck make a perfect talk to the moon buddies because even they know their speaking to a moon they understand that the moon may not fully talk back but send sighns. Uncle potluck says to Matty that sometimes the mood will hide behind the moons mother ( the clouds) If you want to find out what happens next read " hound dog true" Oh and I completely forgot to mention another inportant charectore "momma" Momma is a terrifict mother she cares deeply for her child ( mattie) and her brother uncle Potluck. What does she think about uncle Potluck and Mattie talking to the moon well she dpesnt really care I mean yes she does think its a tad bit odd but she finds away to apriciate the fact that mattie and uncle Potluck talk to the moon. Now if you want to find out more read the book " hound dog true " Hope you enjoyed my summary! Oh by the way hound dog true is for all ages


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In this book Uncle Potluck is an Odd character see he talks to the moon now it may sound silly but he does have his reasons... Matty ( his grand daughter ) thinks he is going Bonkers but little does she expect later on in the book she finds herself! talking to the moon. Now my feelings for this book is quite big because it makes me relise talking to a moon ,trees, even a lake can bring out the best in you so their for me feelings for this book is... inspiring! very, very, very inspiring I wish I could use a more stronger, powerful word to discribe this book but I dont really know one at this moment. Yet if your where to read this book im sure it would conect to some parts or actions in your life. Like for example uncle potluck talks to the moon I CAN CONECT TO because i speak to my picture i drew in second grade! see many many many many conections.


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read this book it is hulariousely funny and amotional as well :) :(

Hound Dog True

In the book Hound Dog True one of the main characters Mattie was not only exposed to bulling yet being bullied herself. She felt like she had no friends or as if nobody wanted to be her friend. Now in my own opinion reasonble opinion I feel like bulling is a popular action yet a bad choice. That can lead to horrifying results. Just think of it this way if u where being bullied would that hurt your feelings or even make you or your parents upset. Well I'll just end this editorial by saying this... Bullying is a horrible choice I'm strongly agains it are you?
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