Weekly Preview 12/5/16

Room 504

AND just like that...we're down to 2 weeks! Wow!!

Important Dates and Schedule:

Monday, Dec. 5th- Santa Shop Preview at 1:15

Tuesday, Dec. 6th- Math Explosion 8:00am, Santa Shop Shopping Day at 9:00, Bible Club, Recorder Club

Wednesday, Dec. 7th- Art Club

Thursday, Dec. 8- Nothing

Friday, Dec. 9- nothing

Saturday, Dec. 10- PTA's Breakfast with Santa from 8:00am-10:00am

Tuesday, Dec. 13th- 5th Grade Holiday Program at 7:00pm (kids get there at 6:30pm) at Perry Meridian High School

Thursday, Dec. 15th- Holiday Party 2:30-3:25


**Students should read at least 20 minutes every night."

Monday- Lit Circle Chapters/Flags, Home Link 4.1

Tuesday- Lit Circle Chapters/Flags, Home Link 4.2

Wednesday- Lit Circle Chapters/Flags, Home Link 4.3

Thursday- Vocab Quiz, Lit Circle Chapters/Flags, Home Link 4.4

Friday- Reading Test, Spelling Test, Lit Circle Chapters/Flags

This Week's Content

Reading- Main Idea/Key Details, Ask and Answer Questions, Expository, Greek & Latin Roots

Writing- Research Report on Christmas Around the World

Math- Start Unit 4 on Decimals

Social Studies- Settlements Take Root

This week's VOCABULARY words!

1. artificial- describes a thing not made by nature

2. collaborate- to work together

3. dedicated- to give or devote one’s time

4. flexible- able to bend without breaking

5. function- something’s use or purpose

6. mimic- to imitate something

7. obstacle- something that stands in the way or blocks progress

8. techniques- special ways of doing something to achieve a desired result

Spelling Words- Unit 13

1. your(s)

2. their

3. another

4. because

5. something

6. always

7. until

8. since

9. sure(ly)

10. answer

11. complete

12. carefully

13. simple

14. else

15. friend(s)

16. information

17. figure

18. you're

19. plane

20. street

21. couldn't

22. reason

23. difference