Tropical coral reefs (continued)

By: Elizabeth Rodriguez

food web in tropical coral reefs

  • One decomposer in the coral reef of florida are fan worms.
  • 5 producers are phytoplankton, seaweed, coralline algae, mangroves, and sea grass.
  • 10 consumers are queen conch(herbivore), purple sea urchin(herbivore), orange sea sponge(herbivore), krill(herbivore), caribbean lobster(herbivore), cushion sea star(herbivore), barramundi(herbivore), tiger shark(carnivore), blacktip reef shark (carnivore), and sea turtles(omnivores).
  • 1 apex predator in florida's tropical coral reefs is a caribbean coral reef shark.

Classification of sea turtles

classification of green sea turtles

  • Domain- eukaryote
  • KIngdom- Animalia
  • Phylum- chordata
  • Class- reptilia
  • Order- testudines
  • Family- cheloniidae
  • Genus- chelonia; Brongniart, 1800
  • Species- C. mydas