Cholera Disease

By:Emily Valdes

Cause of disease?

Cholera (viberio cholera infection) caused by Vibrio cholera.

How is the disease transmitted?

A person can get Cholera by drinking water or food contaminated with cholera bacteria.The disease can spread rapidly in areas with inadequate treatment of sewage and drinking water but not likely to spread directly from one person to another casual contact with in an infected person is not a risk for becoming ill.
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What are some symptoms of the disease?

Cholera infection is often mild (without symptoms) but can characterized by profuse watery diarrhea ,vomiting,and leg cramps.In these people ,rapid loss of body fluids leads to dehydration and shock but again can its rare one in 20 /5% infected people.
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How is the disease treated?

Cholera can be simply and successfully treated by immediate replacement of the fluid and salts lost through diarrhea.Patients can be treated with oralrehydration solution a prepacked mixture of sugar and salts to be mixed with and drunk in large amounts.
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Ways to prevent yourself from getting the disease.

Getting cholera is very rare but to prevent from getting it ,you should drink only bottled waters,boiled,or chemically treated water.Clean your hands especially before you eat or prepare food ,dispose of feces in a sanitary manner to prevent contamination (remember that these are only some ways of prevent yourself of getting cholera.

4 interesting Facts about the disease.

-Today no country requires Cholera Vaccination -During the 19th century, cholera spread across the world from its original reservoir in the Ganges delta in India-There also are an estimated 3–5 million cholera cases every year, contrasting with the 178 000–589 000 cases reported annually to WHO over the past five years.-Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal disease that can kill within hours if left untreated.