The Fun and Weird Story

by Laura Stevens

Once upon a time , The Little Mermaid was swimming in the sea she was having so much fun. Then the Doctor from Doctor Who said to the little Mermaid “ would you like to come to Smiggle shop with me and Laura?” “Oh yes I would love too! We like the pens!”

When they got there they saw Snow White, Goldilocks and Indy and they said, “Can we shop with you”? The Doctor said, “yes!” So the doctor came back from the boy section in the Smiggle shop and Laura, Indy, Snow White, Goldilocks and the Little Mermaid were gone!

The 3 bad pigs had taken them to a mine. They locked them all in cage in the mine. Laura Indy and Snow White broke out with a hair-clip! Then they went and sang on the talent show, The Voice. The Doctor is in the audience watching and he sees them. The 3 pigs were so scared they would be put in jail for kidnapping that they ran away.

Everyone else lives happily ever happy ever after!

The End.