Panther Note

September 25, 2015

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Panther Pride

Welcome to a Panther Alum, Audriana Fitzmorris. Our volleyball team benefited from Audriana's visit to practice on Tuesday as she discussed the roles of an exceptional student athlete.

Now a 3 time High School All American ranked in the top three players in many national volleyball publications, playing several years on the Junior Olympic Volleyball Team.

She will be joining the eighth ranked and academically acclaimed Stanford University Cardinal with a full ride scholarship in the Fall.

Panther Pride and a tribute to your excellence.

Supervision for September 28 - PUMA!

The Supervision schedule is communicated numerous ways:

  • Panther Note
  • Teacher Plan Book
  • Mailbox Reminders (thank you Kelsa and Pam for all you do)
  • Collaboration Drive
  • and now in the Google Drive under Schedules. Just one more resource in the Drive

Thank you to:









...for making connections this week and keeping our kids safe.

Drill Reminder

Great job on drills this week! A few reminders you will be accountable for:

We appreciate your understanding, patient communication and appreciation for what is learned from drills at any point in time in the day. Safety is one of the few times that efficiency and ease on staff has to take an 'A2' status. We learned a great deal this week due to when it was held. Overall we have approximately 13 total drills - spread across the day. Annually, events occur nationally, regionally and locally that drive our pursuit of continual improvements.

Key to this improvement (beyond what was just shared above) is your feedback. If you have not shared a concern or need, we need it each drill. Please take the thirty seconds to share in person / by email of questions and possible improvements to the logistics of the drill. If it schedule, or ease driven pleased be patient and understand our vision and purpose. This round, we learned:

  • Treat it as real. Always. Even if in your PLC.
  • Do a quick eye sweep directly outside their door to make sure there are not stray students or staff.
  • Restrooms - inform students that if they are locked out, find an open room and take cover pending the event.
  • Know the difference (and listen to the event) between Lights Out and Keep teaching during lock downs.
  • Room 5 and the Sixth Lab have been worked on . Confirm they are fixed before the next drill.
  • Pending the time of the day - we have elementary students being dropped off. Key provisions of plan are being added due to this:

**if a Secure Entry / Lock down and Teach, tornado event: when possible an

officer will be placed at the South Doors to secure drop off

**if a fire drill, we will already be outside (visibly)

**either way, district, PSE and front office communication will be occurring with


  • Communication with the elementary occurs via walkie when events / drills occur
  • We are planning a bike rack pad be poured at the northwest sixth grade entrance due to the continued movement of the rack by the grounds crew


    • Four Blue Valley musical groups were invited to perform at the Kansas Music Educators Association Annual In-service Workshop: Blue Valley North Mixed Chorale, Blue Valley Middle Orchestra, Blue Valley Southwest Clarinet Choir and Prairie Star Middle Eighth Grade Band.

    • Kristoffer Barikmo, Blue Valley High teacher, has been named a regional finalist in the 2016 Kansas Teacher of the Year program.

PSM SLP Goal Three Work coming! The Gallup

The Gallop Survey will be administered through science classes. Counselors will incorporate the survey into our Bullying Awareness and Prevention lessons.

Oct. 7th Burton’s 7th grade classes hours 5 and 6

Oct. 8th Catlett’s 7th grade classes hours 3,4,5,6

Oct. 12th Feuerborn’s 6th grade class hour 8

Oct. 13th Nixon’s 6th grade classes hours 1,2,5,6,7,8

Oct. 14th Burton’s 8th grade classes hours 3 and 4

Oct. 15th Sifers classes hours 2,3,4,5,6

Google Docs FAQ a recurring Tuesday event in the future

Lisa will visit your PLC occasionally and provide updates on the drive as issues arise. We need to hear from you about issues, what ifs that would improve the system and questions.

This week:

Item A: Be in your BV account:

Be aware you must be in your BV email account.

  • Log into their Blue Valley Email Account for Google
  • Ensure you are not logged into a personal account in the username
  • If you simply open Drive through Google Chrome platform, you default to whatever account last opened (could be personal gmail)
  • When using Google App Launcher, it will default to BV email

It can be a little confusing. We will be showing how to switch between the two, and make sure everyone knows how to log into their blue valley account, again.

Item Two: I cannot see what I added!

Confused that you don’t see something you added to the shared folder? Happens to Lisa daily!

  • If you are not the originator of the folder, anything you add to the folder in “My Drive” is only visible to you, if you dragged the PSMS folder into My Drive.
  • Make sure you add items in the “Shared with Me” view of the folder.

Here are some practical tips from Google to manage your Shared Folders.

  • Don’t move files or folders to 'My Drive' that are already in a folder. Doing so will remove it from the folder.
  • To avoid having content removed from shared folders, you might instruct your users to not move anything from Shared with Me to My Drive if it's already in a folder.
  • If you see a folder name to the right of a file in the Shared with Me view, the file is in a folder.
  • Shared with Me is not a folder, so you can safely move a top-level item from Shared with Me to My Drive and it won't affect anyone else (as you're not moving anything out of a folder). However, if you click into a folder in Shared with Me and then drag an item from the folder into My Drive, that item will no longer be in the folder (for you or anyone else).
  • To prevent users from accidentally moving a shared folder, some companies have instructed their users to never drag a file into My Drive.
  • Advanced users can add the file to 'My Drive' instead of moving it. This is not a copy of the file. It's literally the same file located in multiple folders. For example, renaming the file in My Drive will rename it for everyone and sharing it will share the original file with anyone the added file is shared with.
  • Users can do this by selecting a file and then pressing Shift+Z to display the "Add To" dialog box.

If you are not having issues - keep on trucking.

MAP FAQ - What we learned in Fall of 2015

  • All staff need to review, input and know the document provided by Stacey, counselors and SPED in advance

  • Passes will be provided to each 504/ IEP student in advance

  • Proctors should check roll before providing password and test name on the board

  • Never terminate a student's test. This is the one thing that moves the control to re start out of building control

  • If test fails for whatever reason (unplug, power outage, student choice), then:

    • Pause or suspend

    • Test Again

    • Then Log in

Tweeters, Listen Up!

PSM Tweeting occurs at least once a week through Stacey. If you would like to Tweet about your content area or grade level events, you have two options:

1.) Send to Stacey

2.) Submit a proposal to open an individual, professional Twitter Account

Option Two Considerations include, but are not limited to :

1.) Get with Sigg and discuss parameters and a plan (see below for a starting point). Documentation must be on file with Sigg before you start.

  • Must be academic or school driven in nature.
  • Must include a plan to inform Sigg immediately if any concerns arise
  • How will you start? How will parents be informed?
  • Must be voluntary

-upcoming classroom events

-pictures must have parent permission THROUGH THE OFFICE AND DOCUMENTED and focus on students academic work

-can promote PSM events

-can include reminders about AFLs/AOLs or changes in the schedule

Might include students tweeting for academic support only

-questions about homework

-celebrating if they are applying skills learned in the previous week to retweet as publishing academics and a way to celebrate

Can be used for one Key to Successful Assessment (See CASL)

-as an exit slip at the end of the day

-to spark their interest to read themselves

Traffic Update

BV has been an exceptional support in transitioning Mission Road upgrades and their impact on our safe traffic flow. For those of you on supervision outside, you may be wondering about an update - or getting parent questions. It is important we are on message if we are hearing from parents and you are critical piece of this puzzle.

Dan Carney (head of BV security), Scott Crain (head of building projects) and Joe Chick (head of maintenance) have visited PSM to observe traffic flow at arrival and departure.

Notable points:

  • On a high traffic day (no events, practices, regular school day), congested arrival can begin as early as 7:30 and lasts until 7:42. Nearly every day is shorter than this. Arrival prior to 7:30 or drop off after 7:40 help
  • Car pooling helps decrease this every day
  • Inclement weather and early release situations are outliers
  • Thank our crossing guard and support as needed. This interruption in flow is beneficial to getting "left turners" out of the driveway.
  • Courteous drivers have been a constant and are the key to allow alternating turns, etc.
  • Traffic moved continuously, albeit slowly
  • Cars never backed up onto Mission as a result of cars backed up in the PSM lot.
  • The key is YOU moving cars forward before students enter or exit

There is no question with Mission being a 2-lane road, this system relies heavily on driver courtesy.

Great Eight - Weekly Update for September 28

Social Studies:

Topic: Chapter 13 - Industrial Graphs, Reading Challenge

Start Chapter 14 - Labor Response


AOL: Outsiders plot and evidence AOLs. Timed write essay over theme. Choice boards or Socratic Seminar. “Who won the rumble?” - class debate.


Integrated Algebra 8th Grade -

Topic- Finishing Looking for Pythagoras. Upcoming AFLs early in the week.

AOL: LT2 (Rational/Irrational values)-Friday, Oct.2.

AOL: LT1 AOL (Pythagorean Theorem)-Monday, Oct.5.

Target Zero on Math XL - due every Monday.

Wade’s 2nd hr Math -

Topic- Finishing LT2 (Square/Cube roots). Upcoming AFLs early in the week.

AOL: LT2 (Square/Cube roots)-Tuesday, Sept.29.

Target Zero on Math XL - due every Monday.

Algebra I

Topic- - Beginning new unit Thinking with Mathematical Models.
Target Zero on Math XL - due every Monday.


Topic: We have transitioned into conduction, convection, and radiation using labs where we observe thermal energy transferring. Ask students to explain the experimenting with Drinky Birds, Melting Blocks, Boiling Water, and Heating Sand. AFLs will occur on this content.

Guided Study 8th Grade:

We will start this week with a divergent thinking lesson related to creativity, then complete viewing and discussing the last of five videos in a series called “Getting the Most Out of Studying” with the purpose of teaching students the basic cognitive principles they need to understand in order to become effective learners. Parents, please watch them on YouTube by clicking the links below or Googling “Getting the Most Out of Studying” so that you can understand and support what we are learning. Email Mr. Burton for additional information or questions at

How to Get the Most Out of Studying - Part 4

How to Get the Most Out of Studying - Part 5

Next week we will complete lessons on eating, exercise and sleep since many students are deficient in one of these areas.

Seventh Heaven - Weekly Update for the Week of September 28

Social Studies:

Topic: Continue Cornell Notes in Spiral over Chapter 3, Lesson 1: The World’s People

AFL/AOL: Spiral Check and an AFL over the current lesson. AOL will be Chapter 3 on October 20.


Topics: “Again and Again” Reading Signpost; Finish Freak the Mighty Read Aloud

AOLs: Roots and Stems List 1-5 Review AOL - Tuesday, 9/29, Quarter 1 Writing Log due - Friday, 10/02


Advanced Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Topic -Completing the unit on 2-D Geometry, Shapes and Designs. We will be focusing on quadrilaterals and the special angles formed by parallel lines and transversals using Geometer’s Sketchpad..

AOL: tentatively planned for Friday, October 2.

Integrated Algebra 7th Grade-

Topic -This week we will focus on triangles and quadrilaterals. We will be build and design triangles and work on Geometer’s Sketchpad to discover characteristics of all quadrilaterals.


Topic: Data have been collected on filtered water results. We are working on graphing and writing about the results, including scientific conclusions. Re-engineering of a group filter in class will emphasize and build engineering practice skills.

AOL: Results rough drafts will be finalized in the next two weeks and assessed as an AOL. Ongoing review of Cell Theory and GREW CREW at home will help with upcoming AFLs.

Guided Study 7th Grade:

Students will finish “Great Homework and Study Skills” and follow-up discussions will clarify what we have learned about the challenges of school and learning. We will also view and discuss a news story about exercise and its effect on learning.

Super Sixth - Weekly update September 28

Important Dates and Reminders

  • TCB is held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 4:00 in the 6th grade computer lab. There is a late bus that will bring the students home on Wednesdays.

Course Briefings/AOLs for the upcoming week:


  • Integrated: Prime factorization to find the GCF and LCM

  • Advanced: Distributive property and order of operations

  • Advanced Algebra AOL on Wednesday, September 30th

  • Integrated Algebra AOL on Friday, October 2nd


  • Figurative Language Review: Similes and Metaphors

  • Introduction of Text Set: The Gold Rush

  • September 20/20 Logs due on Thursday, October 1st


  • Earth, moon, and sun (Chapter 18)

Social Studies

  • Unlocking the secrets of Mohenjo-Daro

  • Indus Valley civilization

  • Shang Dynasty AOL Monday, September 28th

      • 6th Grade Guided Study for Week of 9/28-10/2:

        • CNN Student News will be shown to introduce current events of the week.

        • A Reading lesson will be implemented support the core classes in all Guided Studies this week.

        • Focus on goal setting and areas for improvement on the Spring MAP

        • We will continue to reinforce organization with both the binder and locker.