Using Social Media in Learning!


Why Not Use Social Media?!

Many people interact with others using some form of social media. Social media is an attractive choice for anyone interested in large-scale communication. Given its widespread appeal and easy-to-use applications, why not use social media to make learning more fun, accessible, and creative?
Listed below are some of my recommendations for using social media in learning activities.

1. Check If Social Media is Suitable for all Students.

Despite social media's current popularity, there are still some people who don't care to use it. In the YouTube video, "I Don't Think I'm Made For Social Media", the speaker explains why he feels social media is not for him. Check the video below!
I Don't Think I'm Made For Social Media

2. Use Popular Social Media Sites.

There's a multitude of social media sites. Some of the more popular social media sites, according to, include Facebook and Twitter.
Instructors should use popular, social media sites since they are more appealing to students.

3. Choose Sites That Can Be Used on All Devices.

Choose sites that are compatible on all devices. This will make instruction easily accessible and convenient for all students.

4. Discuss and Explain.

If the instructor decides to use social media with his or her students, I recommend that the instructor first discuss what social media site is most appropriate for the specific, instructional topic.
Also, instructors should explain why they are using social media for any given instructional activity. Instructors should also make sure that all the students know how to use the chosen social media site.

5. Make it Effective.

The instructor should effectively utilize social media in instructional activities.


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