News & Information from the Principal 9/20/20

A Fantastic First Couple of Weeks!

Well, we've successfully completed two full weeks of in-person learning and things are going well. As we all know, change can be difficult to manage. Even though the building looks the same from the outside, things are definitely different on the inside. However, I have been extremely impressed with everyone's ability to adapt and adjust to our new expectations. Yes, change can be difficult. But, change can also bring about fantastic things and I was able to witness some positive aspects of our new reality these past couple of weeks. Below are a few of my observations:

  • Smiling eyes! Students and staff are genuinely happy to be back on campus and around each other again. While we can't see smiles on each other's faces, we can certainly recognize each other's smiles in our eyes!
  • Respect! I've been so impressed by the level of respect everyone has for each other and our new expectations. Yes, we are still adjusting but, overall, students and staff are being respectful of our new rules and understand our need to continually assess and revise as needed.
  • Recess! This is a new concept for our MS and HS students and it only took a couple of days for students to relax and actually play during this time! I've witnessed older students including younger ones in games of football, students inventing new games, running races, a few bloody noses caused by balls (Yay for being kids again!), and time to breathe without masks. If anyone has recess equipment (extra balls) you'd like to donate, please let me know! All equipment is sanitized between recess groups.


We said at the orientation sessions that we will be prepared in the event that we need to move to remote learning. Our teachers have already begun this process by orienting students to Google Classroom and teaching routines and expectations for their classes. It is important that we are all on the page with what to expect if groups of students are required to stay home or if the entire school needs to move to remote learning.

Our Building Leadership Team (a team of teacher-leaders) helped create a document that outlines the remote learning schedule and expectations for everyone involved in helping to make remote learning successful. Please take some time to review the document entirely so you are prepared. Reviewing this in advance will help create a smooth transition to remote learning if it is necessary.

Help Keep South Park Safe, Healthy, and Happy!

  • Please use the Can I Go to School Today? guiding document to help determine if your child should stay home from school.
  • All 6th graders must have updated immunizations, including the TDap booster, on file. Contact Nurse Laurie Meeker if you have any questions, laurie.meeker@parkcountyre2.org
  • When a student or staff member is sick with any of the symptoms on the Covid list, they must be cleared by the school nurse before returning to school. You must be symptom free for 24 hours prior to returning.

SAT for Seniors!

  • Monday the 21st, we will be hosting a SAT pre-administration session in the MPR from 3PM-4PM. This is mandatory for all seniors planning to take the SAT on Wednesday, September 23
  • Wednesday, September 23rd - All interested seniors can take the FREE SAT from 8AM-12:30 PM details will be communicated at Monday's pre-administration session
  • Please contact Cindy Shane with any questions at cindy.shane@parkcountyre2.org

Gretchen Panicucci, MA, NCC, LPC

Principal, South Park Middle School & High School



"Park County Re-2 Schools shall strive to provide a safe environment, meaningful opportunities and innovative educational programs for all students so that they reach their learning potential, including that they meet or exceed state and district content standards, through a partnership between home, school, and the community." - District Mission