What I Learned at TCEA 2016

Things You Might Find Interesting Too!


Visit the links below for tips that every teacher can use.

I am a fangirl

I love Tammy Worcester Tang. She is an awesome presenter/trainer and I always learn from her!

Random Stuff-some educational and some just fun

Tunity is also available for Android. It works really well.

Word Cloud and other Typography Apps

Check out:

Word Clouds

Word Swag

Word Foto




Word Dream

Some of these are available for both platforms (Android & iOS)

Some of free, and some have a nominal fee

People to follow and stalk!

Monica Martinez

Google Expert-check out the website for more great tools and tips

Do you Kahoot? Try this "student performance" system


My seniors like it much more that "Kahoot". https://getkahoot.com/ If you don't know what I am talking about, check them out.

Or you could use: http://www.socrative.com

They are all great tools to use in the classroom.

What's this game the kids are all playing?

It's called "Stop" and it's both iOS and Android. https://goo.gl/g1w6c5

They are having fun and maybe using their brains (jury is still out on that one!)

Not sure where this fits, but it's interesting. "I Teach TV Network"

Make sure you are on wifi: