Sabin Salutations

January 4th- January 8th

What Did We Do This Week?

• The kids completed their December portfolio entry this week.

• We reviewed Main Idea.

• During writing, the kids watched a quick video and listened to a story about Martin Luther King Jr.'s life. While listening, they learned how to take notes. After the notes were complete, they highlighted the details they wanted to include in their next writing piece on Martin Luther King Jr.

• During math time, the kids continue to learn and review different addition and subtraction strategies.

• Social Studies was a hit this week! The kids loved learning geography. We started the week, looking at maps. We also talked about the continents and cardinal directions.

• Sophia was a great Top Gardener!

• Mr. Slavish surprised us as our Mystery Reader.

• Our first week back was great!

What Will We Do Next Week?

• Continue working on our Martin Luther King Jr. informational pieces. At the end of the week, we will be conferencing on our pieces.

• Our next reading unit will focus on Helen Keller.

• During social studies, we will dig further into maps. The kids will explore different maps and create their own map. Map keys will be our focus on these lessons.

• We will continue reviewing main idea.

• We will begin Jr. Achievement next week. This is a great program that focuses on communities. A volunteer will come to our school and teach us about important things in our community.

• Next Tuesday is an early release day. All students will eat lunch at school before dismissal.

What Can You Do At Home?

• Talk about the different continents. Review your child's address at home. Help your child identify the village, state, country, and continent they reside on.

• We have had several students lose their gloves and hats. If possible, label the inside of these items.

• We are in need of hand wipes. If you have some you could donate, it would be greatly appreciated!

• Please remind your child to utilize Raz Kids at home.

• Don't forget to add to your January reading log.