Dissociative Disorders

Nicole Vermillion

Forgetfulness, Multiple Personalities, and Out-of-Body Experiences

What are Dissociative Disorders?

A Dissociative Disorder normally starts after a life-altering tragedy. Some people are unable to handle stress like others. The disorders are a way to cope. The three types of Dissociative Disorders are:

  1. Dissociative Amnesia
  2. Dissociative Identity Disorder
  3. Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder

An Experiment was Performed

There was a science center that set out to test if Dissociative Disorders were curable. The average onset of Dissociative Disorders is 11 years of age. After the treatment 82.6% of people no longer had Dissociative Disorders but instead they had some form of psychiatric disorder. 26.1% of the patients still had some form of a Dissociative Disorder.