Welcome to Back to School - Title I

2018 - 2019

Elkins Pointe Middle School Family Engagement

By Lisa O'Hanlon Cowles, Title I Parent Liaison
Dear Elkins Pointe Families, Teachers, Students, and Community Stakeholders,

Welcome Back to School for the 2018-2019 year. I am excited to work with all of you this year! As your Parent Liaison, it is my pleasure to engage our families and community in our school to benefit all students. Our School-wide Title I Program at Elkins Pointe has a focus on Literacy and Math. We have lots of resources for our families and will hold Parent University workshops for our parents. Please visit the Parent Resource Center, located in the Media Center, by stopping in or make an appointment if you would like to meet with me!

If you have any special requests or need information about our Title I School-wide Program, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!


Lisa O'Hanlon Cowles

Title I Parent Liaison

Elkins Pointe Middle School

Annual Title I Parent Meeting

Wednesday, Aug. 22nd 2018 at 5:30-6:30pm

11290 Elkins Road

Roswell, GA


  • Principal Smith's Welcome Address
  • Title I Annual Parent Meeting - Goals, Curriculum & Budget
  • PTSA - Membership, 2018-2019 Campaign & Budget Vote

At the Annual Title I Parent Meeting Principal Smith will welcome our families and present the "State of the School" address. During the Classroom Visits, parents will be able to "walk their child's schedule,' meet the teachers and learn about the Curriculum in the classroom.

• 6:30 PM Classrooms Visits/Curriculum Night w/Teachers
  • Class schedules will go home with your child on Aug 22. Please check their backpacks!
  • Your child's first-period class will be posted in the school in the event that you do not have your child's schedule. The first period-teacher will have the schedule. Please try to be on time for the first-period class if you do not have your child's printed schedule.
  • You will follow your child's schedule. Each period will last for 10 minutes, with a 3-minute classroom change. Parents will visit all 8 periods and WINN class.

• 8:30 PM End of Curriculum Night

Elkins Pointe Title I Programs & Events

  • Annual Title I Meeting: The Annual Title I Parent Meeting is on August 22nd at 5:30 pm in the Gym. All parents and families are invited to the Annual Title I Parent Meeting. All of the items below will be discussed in detail.

  • Title I School-Wide Plan: This is the types of programs and activities to engage parents. The School-Wide Plan outlines the way we spend our Title I Funds (approx. 220K), our school-wide goals, and the metrics we use to measure student success. This document can be found on the Elkins Pointe website.

  • School-Family Compact: This is an agreement on how the school supports you in assisting your child at home to achieve the school and district goals. It outlines ways to communicate with parents about student learning, core content areas to provide the most help for your child, and means for our school to build partnerships to support student success.

  • Parent, and Family Engagement Plan: This plan is created using parent input. It outlines ways the school effectively communicate with parents, Parent University workshops would you like the school to provide, ways the school partners with parents in building ties between home and school and implementing family engagement parent programs.

  • Parental Engagement Budget (1% set-aside and additional funds, a.k.a.carry-over): What instructional materials, supplies and/or learning games would you like to have available in the Parent Resource Center? Should we receive additional Title I funding during the year, how should those funds be spent to support student learning and parent engagement?

  • Building Parent & Staff Capacity: This is the steps our school takes to more effectively communicate with, reach out to and work with parents as equal partners in their child’s education, as well as implement and coordinate parent programs. It is important to value our parents and families. We actively opportunities for our families to be utilized in the school.

  • Family Engagement Program: Please tell us if you have suggestions, would you rate our school’s overall parental involvement program, and if our parent activities and meetings are held at convenient and flexible times, etc.

  • Spring Input Meetings for the 2019-2020 School Year: In the Spring of 2019, we will hold a series of opportunities to collect input from our stakeholders which include our parents and families, teacher and staff, students, and community partners.

  • Parent Resource Center: Elkins Pointe has a Parent Resource Center in the Media Center. The Title I Parent Liaison has an office in the Parent Resource Center. If you would like to visit the Parent Resource Center or the Parent Liaison, please come by during school hours: Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. You can also make an appointment with our Parent Liaison.

  • Parent Universtiy: This is a series of workshops for parents throughout the year. The workshops focus on ways to help your child at home. Workshops are presented at varied times of day, in person, and as Facebook Live videos.
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