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Parent Newsletter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . November 2014

I Inspire Others

Mix It Up Day is a national program which encourages students to interact with peers outside their friendship circles in an effort to reduce prejudices and bullying at school.

This year students were asked, "What do you do to inspire others?”

This is the continuation of a project some of our seventh grade girls began last month. As we inspire others, we make an effort to make our world, our school, and our community a better place for others. One that offers compassion towards others, and promotes kindness for all.

Two stations were set up in the cafeteria. The words, “I inspire others” were written on a whiteboard and students were asked to finish the sentence. Once they were done, we photographed them and now their photos are hung up around the halls in our school. The pictures serve as a visual reminder of what we can do each and every day to make new friends, stomp out bullying, and become champions of good character.

The I Inspire Others Project designed by our 7th grade girls, hopes to make a difference in the world by inspiring others to find their inner strength, courage, and beauty. They have started a Twitter profile (@iinspireproject) and tweet out inspiring phrases, quotes, and news to their followers. They also ask others to share how they inspire others. Want to join in?

Tweet to us: @iinspireproject or #iinspireproject on Twitter.

Shine Your Way

The Giving Tree

Lansing Schools will be sponsoring the Giving Tree Program for families that need extra assistance for holiday gifts.

The Giving Tree will be located in the Main Office beginning November 19th. For each student identified, a tag with a clothing item or other small gift is placed on a tree for faculty and community members to pick, buy and wrap.

Giving Tree students can be identified by staff members or by request from parents, guardians or caregivers. All students and families remain anonymous.

For us this is always a very special time of year, as the true meaning of giving is always astonishing, as well as the strong sense of community that is present.

If you are a family in need of some extra assistance, or if you would like to help by picking some tags, please contact Carol Miller at 533-3020 ext. 2150.

Lunch Bunch!

Lunch Bunch groups have been busy making videos and thinking about their futures. They were asked to describe what the best day of their life would be. And the answers were great. Students had many goals for themselves, from keeping their room clean, to getting good grades, going to Cornell, travelling the world and keeping the oceans clean. No matter what their goal, however, they all felt proud in being able to share these goals with everyone. Students typed their goals on paper, and were videotaped. The final project can be seen on YouTube by visiting this link:

Other Lunch Bunch activities this year include activities on:

· Listening

· Respecting One Another

· Celebrating Our Uniqueness

· Who Am I?

· Behind The Mask

· Being True To Who We Are

Students will be creating additional videos and projects throughout the year. All students are welcome to participate.

The Best Day of My Life

Getting Your Child A Cell Phone? Think About A Cell Phone Contract!

Thinking about getting your child his or her first cell phone? Cell phones are a great way to teach your children responsibility, and to keep up with their busy schedules. Consider, though the importance of having your child sign a cell phone contract. The goal of the contract is to have your child learn to coexist with technology, and not let it run his/her life.

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New York School Counselor of the Year

I was excited this year to have been nominated by a colleague for the New York State School Counselor of the Year Award. It came as a complete surprise and I was truly honored. On October 31st I was awarded The School Counselor of the Year Award by the New York State School Counselor Association. It was a very memorable event and I feel honored to work with all the students, teachers, and families at Lansing. I look forward to going to work every day and have for the past 18 years.

I am also pleased to announce that I am a candidate for the 2016 American School Counselor of the Year Award. This past summer I actually presented a session at the American School Counselor Conference at Disney World, FL. It was a great experience to meet so many wonderful counselors doing so many wonderful things every day.

I look forward to continue to provide a comprehensive school counseling program to students and helping families in the Lansing School District.

Coffee with The Counselor

Tuesday, Nov. 25th, 8am

LMS Guidance Office

Join me for Coffee with the Counselor

on Tuesday, November 25th, from 8:00—8:45 am for an open discussion about

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Who Sees the Counselor?

The Guidance Office is a place for all students and not just for those experiencing problems. Programs include Lunch Bunch with the counselor, Classroom Guidance activities on careers, job skills, bullying, and early college awareness, small group and individual counseling, arranging parent-teacher conferences, and parent groups.

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