Baby proofing!

* Developing *

  • When babies start to crawl it is exciting for not only the parents, but everyone. Parents are thrilled to see their child finally start to see the world more and wonder what everything is. For example: cabinets, dish washers, stairs, dirt, grass, etc... Once a child hits this stage in life, everything needs to be locked up that could be dangerous or cause harm in any way to the child.
  • Here are some ways to keep your home babyproof:
  1. View the enviornment of the babies perspective.
  2. Protect outlets. Children tend to stick things in them.
  3. Furniture. Kids will start pulling on every furniture.
  4. Safety gates. They keep children from going into a place that is not babyproof.
  5. Toxins. Make sure any cleaning supplies or medicine items are not in reach of kids.
  6. Be prepared.Incase of emergencies.
  • These things are all very important to do. If you chose otherwise then some things can turn your day upside down.
  • Watching you baby discover his/her world is amazing, but it also means your child is more exposed to potential danger.