Miss Grill's 3rd Grade News

March 1, 2016

Hello again and Happy March to you! With the snow days finally coming to an end (we hope!), we are back on track with our routines again! I think I can speak for my class and myself when I say that spring weather seems like a dream come true! We are ready!

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Unit 3 Reading Focus: Inventions and Innovations

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Now that we are into our new Reading unit, we will be focusing on Inventions, as well as what innovations and changes are made to improve these inventions.

The students enjoyed reading about the 12 Coolest Inventions of 2015 in the Time for Kids Magazine. They chose a few that intrigued them the most and focused on the problem and solutions they solved. Then, they chose the invention that they wanted to win Invention of the Year and supported themselves with reasons why it should win. They debated about these in class and tried to convince others why their invention should receive the award. We took a vote today, and in our class, the Ocean Cleanup Project won the award! You can read more about this invention in the link below!

Just a few inventions that your children will learn about in the future:


-Hot Air Balloon


-Steam Engines

-Windshield Wipers

...and the list goes on!

Essential Questions

~How does solving problems lead to new ideas?

~What is the relationship between inventions and innovations?

We will also be learning about how nature inspires inventions in the world around us. There are so many things we see that we don't even realize came from nature, and the students are always amazed at everything that we learn about!

We will be reading informational texts again and focusing on the following skills:

-Cause and Effect


-Compare and Contrast

Science Unit: Safe Racer

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The most popular Science unit has been keeping the excitement high in 3rd Grade! The students are getting real-life experience with innovating something that they created. They have loved building their Safe Racer cars with the recyclable materials (thank you for sending these in!), along with the wheels and axles that we provided them with. They learn how even the most 'perfect' car in their minds can constantly keep getting improved upon. Sometimes the car curves, sometimes the wheels fall off, other times the egg falls out! Their cars are tested for both distance and safety. It is completely student-centered in that the teacher is not telling them what to do or how to fix it. It is up to the team of 4-5 students to figure out how to innovate and modify their Safe Racer Cars! They adore this time of day! The winning team for the entire 3rd grade will move onto the Baltimore County Safe Racer competition in May!

Towson Science Interns

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A new group of Towson Interns are here for the Spring Semester! They arrived two weeks ago, and will be teaching the students every Thursday afternoon until the middle of May. The interns will be teaching them about the Earth's layers, Mountains, Landforms, Volcanoes, and more! The students are in for quite a treat!


Early Dismissal for Students

Friday, March 4th, 12:45pm

3400 Hillendale Road

Phoenix, MD

BSO Field Trip

Wednesday, March 23rd, 10:30am-1:30pm

5301 Tuckerman Lane

North Bethesda, MD

Send in your Permission Slips and Money this week!