The Truth about Diets

The Atkins Diet

Why Do People Diet?

People diet for different results. Some people are at unhealthy weight and want to 'slim down.' Athletes always want to be at their top physical appearance and performance, thinking extreme dieting will help. Others think they will feel better looking skinnier by not eating as much.
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What is the Atkins Diet?

The Atkins Diet is a very intense diet promoting rapid weight lose. You eat food high in proteins and fats and cut out carbohydrates completley. Picture not eating bread, pasta, or potatoes! The theory behind this diet is that when you cut out carbs, your body turns to the fat you have stored for the fuel it needs. By doing this, you burn body fat, realeasing a by-product called ketones that you will use for your main source of energy.

Atkins Frozen Meals

  • Promotes rapid weight loss
  • Not as time-consuming as the average diet
  • Not as expensive as the popular diet


  • High consumption in saturated fats
  • Can cause bad breathe, nausea, and headaches
  • Cuts out valuable nutrients
  • Not good for vegetarians

Critical Analysis

My mom tried the Atkins diet about a year ago and totally regretted it!

I interviewed her to ask questions about the effects after quitting the diet. She said that she lost a lot of weight but then gained it all back and even more later on.

She had severe headahces, causing her to stop her day to regain focus.

Her cravings grew because all she was allowed to eat was high protein and no carbohydrates.


Is the Atkins diet worth it? In my opinion, no! Why would you want to put your body and mental health on the line just for your outward appearence? Rather than a fad diet, change your lifestyle. For example, try eating a variety of vegetables and fruits. More colors on the plate, the better! I am vegetarian. People not up for that big of a change, should try going vegetarian or vegan once a week. Also, excerise at least three times a week. Having a workout friend really motivates me. In the end, do not try the Atkins diet but change your outlook on being healthy!