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Monday, June 1st

Every Summer has a story.

What will yours be?

The beauty of our business is that we can flex in and flex out as we need - and that IS a beautiful thing! BUT - flexing out for too long can sometimes be hard to bounce back from. It is very possible to enjoy your Summer to the fullest and yet still keep your business strong! Why is this important? Because a strong Summer leads to an ever stronger Fall.

We just wrapped up an incredible May and I know so many of you have even bigger things on tap for June! No matter what you have planned, the name of the game is consistency - a strong in person trunk show pipeline so you can fill your funnel with new faces to book and sponsor with.

We're going BACK TO BASICS this month and are going to walk through the steps on how you can set yourself up for success with our Jump Up In June Five Day challenge. I hope each and every one of you will join us! This is for EVERYONE - whether you are a brand new stylist or a seasoned one!

If you want in, email me and I'll add you!

Join us for our all team call tonight to get inspired and get some cold, hard, tactical booking tips for Summer...which are going to come in handy when you find out all that June has in store!

Can't wait to talk to you then!

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The Scrappy Hall of Fame!

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Let's hear it for these SCRAPPY LADIES!

You all know I love celebrating achievements on our team, but what I love celebrating even more are EFFORTS! Why? Because this is an efforts in, results out business and what you do now will pay off in dividends in months to come.

Last week in our Coffee Chat I asked for you all to get scrappy - to think outside the box and dig deep to reach your goals. I'm so proud of these gals who tooted their own scrappy horn and shared what they did to stay strong/finish strong!

Here are their #scrappystories:

Shannen Siciliano: I'm sending messages to my May birthdays reminding them to snag their free wishing bracelet while also taking advantage of all of the amazing deals this month!

Robin Albert: I'm a walking advertisement this weekend at my bowling tournament! #sdjoy as far as the eye can see! This is the first time I'm seeing some of these ladies since I started my business #getscrappy

Julia DiFran: Sent out 70 some personal emails to customers. Plan to get scrappier at the beach this weekend. Bikinis and bling??

Bonnie Rosenberger: Sent out 35 personal messages. Today, I am checking back in and sending out more. I am hosting my own customer appreciation days on June 1st so I am really going to start promoting it now and checking in with open show.

Kristen Demarino: I am continuing to reach out to all the new members of the Facebook group for the fundraiser I'm doing. Its up to 483 members! Time to stretch the fingers, hit the keyboard and #getscrappy

Lydia Sacavage: My mom is coming for a visit and I'm decking her out in jewels, and she's wearing her black tote (sale item) to Gettysburg. I'm bringing minis and my iPad with me to try to drum up outside orders! My mom barely wears studs, so this will be interesting!

Anna Topper: I had 2 shows cancel this month so I turned that around to focus on outside orders.... Messaged like crazy about the sale! And when all else fails and I keep hearing no, Ya know who said yes?? ME - time to host my own summer open house! Scheduled for next week



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Welcome to our newest Glowing Stones!

Tonya Riley

Elizabeth Massanopoli

Beth Bradley

Melissa Basurto

Tracey Hirsch

Courtney Glock

Stacey Tannehill

Brittany Heil

Stacy Fitzpatrick

Caitlin Jones

Meghan Mingioni

We are so happy to have you on board!

Congrats to these ladies who sold $1500+ and earned their Sparkle & Shine t-shirt!

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And congrats to THESE 84 ladies who qualified with $500+ in sales!

Kristen Demarino

Krista Demcher

Denise Talley

Taryn Dayton

Jessica Silberzahn

Lisa Topor

Amy Wasilewski

Kimberly Baker

Allison Heidenreich

Deborah Donovan

Katherine Billian

Jena Muller

Kristen Tidball

Diana Healy

Camille Henderson

Krystal Finneran

Lydia Sacavage

Jennifer Grizzle

Cortney Weigle

Shannon Burke

Anna Topper

Emily Williams

Katie Manger

Christy Salamone

Katie Tullio

Stephanie Barton

Jessica Robinson

Elizabeth Berezwick

Jamie Mindel

Christina Loaiza

Kimberly Hengbuoy

Shannen Coleman Siciliano

Vanessa Meyerpeter

Shannon Carey

Julia DiFrancesco

Jamie Hutcheson

Laina Durham

Jillian Rouillard

Erica Loftus

Maria Luscan

Julieyn Holder

Wendy Orr

Robin Albert

Eileen Perez

Jennifer Adams

Amanda Barnhart

Sarah Wilkin

Joanna Connor

Samantha Gordy

Bonnie Rosenberger

Jennifer Jernigan

Amy Johnson

Mary Homans

Melissa Kaufman

Brianne Brinkley

Carrie Kerem

Jenelle Davis

Laura Wagner

Catherine Green

Stacy Miller

Cheryl Cerqueira

Despina Fokianos

Alia Mario

Lisa Rosenbaum

Alisha Buckmaster

Nicole Watts

Meagan Sabbatini

Stacey Tannehill

Allyson Brown

Richelle Barzensky

Cindy Studlack

Megan Akers

Jill Scavo

Tanya Goodman

Kaitlin Jenkins

Courtney Stamp

Wendy Moschella

Sarah Long

Marianne DeBow

Andrea Bucher

Sandra Nye

Jessica Kraska

holly loss

Oh - and by the way...

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Check your email and our team FB page later tonight to find out WHY JUNE is a GREAT month to book, sell and sponsor!!!!

Krista Demcher - Senior Director, The Glowing Stones