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Welcome Back Belvedere Bobcat Students and Families


Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!

I hope your summer was safe! We continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC as well as OPS in our preparation for the new year. Student and staff health and safety continue to be a primary focus as we plan to reopen. We know that conditions will continue to evolve and guidance may change. We are prepared to support students and families. We want our kids back 100% every day learning; however, current conditions will have us following the 3:2 Plan for OPS, which has students whose last name begins with A-K attending on A Days/Blue Days, and students whose last name begins with L-Z attending on B Days/Yellow Days.

This will mean a revision in our arrival and dismissal locations for some families. It will mean that families with multiple children will need to create a meeting point for their children at dismissal (We recommended the older siblings walk to the younger sibling’s dismissal location and wait for a parent pick up there and/or begin walking home with their sibling). Safety is our number one priority.

Anyone who arrives on the wrong day will be expected to pick their child up immediately and take them home.

Our Pre-K classroom begins on Monday, August 17th . Our Pre-Kindergarten students follow the same schedule-last names beginning with A-K attend on A days/Blue Days and students whose last name begin with L-Z only attend on B

days/Yellow Days. A parent or guardian will need to sign your child in every day. This, too, will look differently and will occur at the door vs. the in classroom.

Please make sure we have your most up to date email address, mailing address and phone numbers. Your child’s teacher will be contacting you very soon to introduce himself/herself to you. As well, I will frequently send out “robocalls” to keep you updated on events, due to the ever changing COVID-19 status.

The other topic to address also has to do with drop-off. All Omaha Public Elementary Schools have the “Grab and Go” model of breakfast. Students will enter the cafeteria at 8:35 AM, choose a hot or cold breakfast. A bell will ring inside the building for those students to go to their classroom to eat their breakfast. Therefore, students should NOT be dropped off before 8:30 AM if they are eating breakfast. Students not eating breakfast should be dropped off any time after 8:35 AM. There will not be supervision before 8:30 AM.

Parent and Student Device Agreement

Click the link to look at the device agreement. This agreement must be completed before receiving a student iPad.

Safe Walk to School

We have been preparing for the 2020-21 school year. We will have our Safe Walk to School Night and Meet your teacher August 6th from 5-7 PM in our East Parking Lot. To be in agreement with social distancing guidelines we are asking families with last names that begin with the letters A-K to come from 5-6 PM. Families with last names L-Z are asked to come from 6-7PM.

During this time we will distribute Ipads to students for remote learning. Each parent and student will need to complete an application before receiving an Ipad. Parents can also purchase insurance for the Voluntary Device Protection Program for $20 dollars(see attachment email). Check or money order can be made out to Belvedere Elementary to purchase one year of insurance. If bringing cash, please have bring the exact amount. Cash is not kept on school premises.

In addition, we have made many changes to ensure a safe start to the school year for your child(ren). Information will be provided to during Safe Walk to School.

We hope to see you all Thursday, August 6th from 5-6 if your last name ends with letters A-K or from 6-7 if your last name ends with letters L-Z.

For more information go to:

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Additional Safety Information

How are we preparing to Social Distance in the hallways?

1. All hallways will be one-way. The school will rotate "counter clockwise". There are arrows in the floor showing what directions students and classes should go.

2. Specials will be in the classroom. The reason for this is to reduce the amount of hallway transitions and extra areas to disinfect for our custodians.

3. Grade levels will have assigned times to recess. Classes have always had an assigned area for lunch/recess and will follow that schedule for the week. This will allow us to properly social distance and still enjoy recess. We will not be utilizing the main playground or universal playground equipment at this time.

Visitors in the Building

As presented to the Board of Education on July 13, 2020, there will be no visitors in the building at this time. This would include all school volunteers. All meetings will be scheduled virtually. If meetings must be held at school or if you are picking early or dropping off late, please adhere to the following protocol.

1. Wear a mask to enter the building

2. Handwashing and/or hand sanitizing once entering the office.

3. Social distancing while in the building.

Dismissing Students Safely

We will follow the procedure below for dismissal.

· 3:45 PM: Bus students will be picked up from classrooms.

· 3:55 PM: CLC students will dismiss to the gym.

· 4:00 PM: 1st will dismiss to Door #1 (Main entry door on North side of building).

· 4:00 PM: 2nd will dismiss out the North East entrance.

· 4:00 PM: 5th will dismiss out the East entrance.

· 4:00 PM: 2nd will dismiss out the North East entrance.

· 4:05 PM: 3rd will dismiss out the North East entrance.

· 4:05 PM KDG will dismiss to Door #1 (Main entry door on North side of building).

· 4:05 PM: 4th will dismiss out the East entrance.