chapter 7 of Deadly Waters

my summary

My summary on Deadly Waters chapter 7

Ok well what happend is that this mysterious man (his name is Gordon) showed up at the dock where the kids are and he seems really intrested in Jacks camera lens and his camera in general.So he asks if he could hold it and see "how many angels it can shoot from" (whatever).He ends up taking it. So after Gordon leaves Ashley sees blood and they find out its from a manatee that got slashed by Gordons perpelers.It has a baby with it to so the kids try and save the manatee they do but something even worse comes...A SHARK!!! (a bull shark about 7 feet I would say) so Bridger jumps in and shoos the SHARK away with a fishing net(He's really brave to do that)...BUT YEAH HOPED YOU LIKED MY SUMMARY:)