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  • Orchestra picture day was a success! We will have order forms ready for the kids in the next few weeks when the pictures become available online!
  • Cello Choir (required for all cellists) starts Monday 4:20-5:05. This group performs holiday music at Northpark on Dec. 4 at 10:15am
  • SNAP fundraiser begins Tuesday!
  • Orchestra fees (see below for details) are due.
  • We are offering $50 off to any traveler who can find 1 more girl to travel with us!
  • Phil and Concert Sectionals are in full swing!
  • Breezin' Thru Theory is due each Friday.
  • Remember Orchestra is a skill-based cumulative program! Students should be practicing every day at home for 30+ minutes in order to keep up with the rigors of Orchestra. The 30+ minutes can be divided into 2 practice sessions (ex: morning/afternoon or before/after dinner).

Region Success!

On Saturday, Oct. 12, 36 RHS students auditioned for the All-Region Orchestra and made history! Of those 36 students, 21 earned membership in the prestigious group and 2 earned placement as an alternate!


  • This is more than half of the RHS top orchestra
  • This is the most ever to make region since 2005 (I don’t have records before that)
  • Note the outstanding ranks, including Freshman!
  • These students will perform on Dec. 13-14 at RHS


Audrey DeJong #2

Parker Aguilera #17

Adam Dominguez #18

Jenine Tipo #20

Zoe Walker #22

Ivonne Soberanes #30

Devin Ferrell #31

Abigail Smith #33

Nic Larimer #35

Cindy Lam #39

Mia Lujan #40


Irene Chao #1

Cadence McCammack #8

Matthew Cadena #10

Julie Castillo #13


Caleb Danielson #2

Caroline Badilla #6 (Freshman!)

Connie Hu #10

Josh Cowger #12

Cole Weinman (Alternate)

Sneha Bista (Alternate)


Taylor Thomas #7

Timothy Brownlee #10 (Freshman!)

Upcoming Events

2019-20 Orchestra Calendar is posted on the website!


21, 28 Chamber UIL Sectionals

21 WWJH Fall Concert 6:00-8:00pm

21, 28 RHS Cello Choir Rehearsal (required for all cellos in all classes, performance Dec. 4)

22 Snap Fundraiser

22, 29 Concert Viola Sectionals 4:20-5:05

22*, 30 Phil UIL Sectionals

23, 30 Concert Violin 1 Sectionals 8:00-8:50am

24 Fall Social 4:10-6:00 Orchestra Room

24, 31 Concert Violin 2 Sectionals 8:00-8:50am

24, 31 Concert Cello/Bass Sectionals 4:20-5:05

25 Spring trip Payment #2 Due

26 All-State Taping (IRENE CHAO will be representing RHS!)


7 Fall Concert

13 Chamber Quartet Recital

Snap Fundraiser kick-off is Oct. 22

Show us 20 emails for a 100/0!

The list of 20 people should include many of your child's biggest fans and needs to be completed in full to ensure our campaign is set up for success. It is my hope and expectation that each student will have a major impact on our program. Here are the next steps:

· Help your student select at least 20 potential supporters

· Enter their names and correct email into the NOTES feature on your students' phone

· Avoid using emails of teachers, peers of your students, or strangers

Here are 20 examples of people your student should consider adding at a minimum.

  1. Parent(s)/Guardian #1
  2. Parent(s)/Guardian #2
  3. Grandma
  4. Grandpa
  5. Cousin(s)
  6. Uncle(s)
  7. Auntie(s)
  8. Family doctor
  9. Orthodontist/dentist
  10. Church/Social leader
  11. Scout/troop leader
  12. Family friend #1
  13. Family friend #2
  14. Former coach
  15. School alumni
  16. Local businesses that know you
  17. Neighbor(s)
  18. Parent co-worker(s)
  19. Friend of parent
  20. Adult sibling(s)
Thank you for all of your continued support of our program!
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Nail Check Tuesdays are in full swing!

Make sure your nails are always trimmed short to ensure proper playing position. This is an easy 100 (or an easy 0) in the gradebook! MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR AUTO REMINDERS!

Breezin' Thru Theory

Has 2 parts:

  1. Lessons - Lessons will be assigned the Friday before so they can be ready for the drills on Monday. (lessons not graded)

  2. Drills - Students are given 4 min. in class each day to complete the drills. (grades are taken from these drills once they click SUBMIT) They can do the drills as many times as they want to in order to earn the grade they desire.

All assignments for the week are due by each Friday @4:10p

Overview Video

Volunteer Opportunities

The Richardson Independent School District has a strong commitment to keeping our schools safe. All Richardson High School volunteers MUST fill out a criminal background check as part of the District participation in the Safe Schools Project.


We need parents to join the RAOC Board for next year! We meet the first Tuesday of the month. Contact Mrs. Long if you can help!!

Spring Trip Performance and College Tour!

April 23-26, 2020

Stephen F. Austin State University, Space Center Houston, and Galveston!

Thank you for signing up for Spring Trip! Specific details on this year's trip will be announced at the April 8, 2020 parent meeting. Payment plans are available in the packet you received.

We are offering $50 off to any traveler who can find 1 more girl to travel with us!

Spring Trip Payment Schedule

10/25/2019 Payment #2 Due ($100.00); Should you cancel after this payment = $200.00 penalty

11/22/2019 Payment #3 Due ($100.00); Should you cancel after this payment = $300.00 penalty

1/6/2020 Start of the 3rd quarter. All students must pass each non-exempt class at the end of this quarter in order to be eligible to attend the trip.

1/24/2020 Payment #4 Due ($100.00); Should you cancel after this payment = $400.00 penalty

2/21/2020 Payment #5 Due ($75.00)

NO REFUNDS can be issued after this date for ANY reason.

****3/6/2020 End of the 3rd quarter. Any student who fails a class for the 3rd quarter will be ineligible to attend the Spring Trip. No refunds can be issued at this late date.


4/8/2020 Spring Trip Information Meeting and Concert. All students attending the spring trip are required to attend this meeting along with at least one parent or guardian. You will receive a final trip itinerary in addition to very important logistical and rules info.

Get your fees in!! Students need their binders!

Charms is available for checking your balances 24/7!

The following are the fees due. We accept checks (written to Richardson Area Orchestra Club [RAOC], cash, or credit card payments through Charms. Each student in the RHS Orchestra is responsible for the program’s operation. The philosophy is that each high school student will share an equal part of the financial responsibility of funding orchestra program expenses not provided by the district. Some of these expenses include special music arrangements, contest entry fees, instruments, equipment and repair not provided by the RISD, clinician fees, food and drinks for orchestra activities, orchestra banquet expenses, rental of off-campus performance venues, scholarships, and orchestra club administrative costs such as website maintenance, postage and printing. Please refer to the RHS Handbook for a complete breakdown of fees.

9th Grade - $180.00

10th & 11th Grade - $155.00

12th Grade - 180.00


Add $100.00 if using a school-owned instrument

How YOU can be a Private Lesson Sponsor!

The Value of Private Lessons

We have to tell you how proud we are of our students! They have been working hard in class this year and are making steady progress on new skills and music. As a parent, however, we’re sure there have been times where you may have asked yourself if your child was progressing quickly enough. As the students move through their HS years, sometimes it’s not as easy to recognize the development of new skills.

During this time, it is easy for students, and parents to get discouraged because progress is not as obvious. This is a time when your child will need your encouragement more than ever. Recognize their efforts, praise them when they remember to practice without being reminded, and continue to ask them to play for you from time to time.

This might also be a time when you want to consider private lessons for your child. In a private lesson, a specialist who plays the same instrument as your child will work with them one-on-one to develop a program of study tailored specifically to your child’s unique strengths, weaknesses and goals. It’s a great way to provide your child with new opportunities in music and can jump start their interest. With lessons, they will feel more accomplished, be more confident, and progress more quickly.

Summer time is a perfect time to get started. It will keep them playing and progressing all summer long!

A small jump start now could set them up for long term success by helping them to rise above the crowd and see their inner talent.

We recommend a thirty-minute lesson once per week for students this age. If you are interested, we can help connect you with just the right person.

​Private lessons are provided during the school day for interested students as an enrichment program in orchestra. The RHS Area private teachers are contracted through RISD and must complete an application and criminal history check. These teachers can teach during your child's orchestra class or before or after school on your campus. Summer lessons can be arranged at Richardson HS or other locations offered by the individual private teacher. Private lesson fees are $20 per weekly 30-minute lesson and rates are determined by the RISD Fine Arts. While private study is not a requirement for participation in any orchestra, students are strongly encouraged to participate.

Private Lessons

$20 per 30-minute lesson. Pay your teacher directly!


Annie Jeong elfofviolin@hotmail.com (515) 708-7667

Sean Burrows sburrows@mail.smu.edu (972)​ ​762-1365

Raphaelle Siemers raphaelle.siemers96@gmail.com (608) 738-9746

Madison Pruden mpruden@mail.smu.edu 832-381-6411


Chris Sykora c.sykora@me.com

Sarah Walsh ‭violasaurusarah@yahoo.com (972) 365-3202‬

Bella Markham zippydragon101@gmail.com 972-974-2928

Danny Jordan dannyjordan0407@gmail.com (346) 666-8817


Jason Mooney jasonmooney89@gmail.com (631) 804-5131

Aniko Juhasz aniko52606@gmail.com 214-392-3838

Drew Schindler aoschindler@mail.smu.edu 303-328-8313

Alayna Mitchakes layniemitchakes@gmail.com 214-500-0761


Troy Tippawang tippawangbass@gmail.com (469) 826-6033

Lynette Sykora l.sykora@me.com 214-674-5322

Contact our teachers today to get started! It is never too late to start!


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Chamber Orchestra 2019-20

  • Monday sectionals are happening!!

  • Be thinking about Quartet Promo Project (due Nov. 1) - Video, Slide, Program, Logo

  • Present Quartet Promo Project to class on Nov. 8

  • Quartet Recital is November 13


  • Nov. 21 Concert Critique #2 Due
  • Dec. 6 Research Paper Due
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Community Concert Corner

Richardson Symphony

Oct. 26 7:30pm

Dec. 7 7:30pm

SMU Meadows Symphony

29 7:30pm

Nov. 1 & 3 7:30pm

Dec. 6 & 8 7:30pm

Jesper Koch Chamber Music Recital @ SMU

Dec. 7 7:30pm

Dallas Symphony Orchestra


Richland String Orchestra

Nov. 6 7:30pm

Nov. 27 7:30pm

Update Contact information

Please make sure your contact information is correct in CHARMS.


Update your Charms personal contact information

Login: RichardsonHSO Pswd: Student ID unless changed

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