Anne Boleyn's Love For Her Daughter

Did she love Elizabeth?

Anne's realtionship with her daughter

Since Elizabeth was two when Anne (her mother) was killed, you question what their relationship was, or even if they had one. Since it was such a long time ago, and only two years they were somewhat together most evidence is based off of a ring Elizabeth wore and opinions of people today.

Anne Boleyn was one of many of King Henry's wives. All he wanted was an heir, a son, but after Elizabeth was born, Anne's first child, she only had two stillborn, which sadly were male. KIng Henry was outraged, so he took the baby to the nurses and they cared for her, while he put Anne Boleyn on a ticking life clock.

The Ring

Although there is no evidence as to if Elizabeth had a connection to her mother, after her death they removed a locket ring containing her and a women resembling Anne Boleyn. This topic is important because it explains how cruel King Henry was, showing that he really didn't love Anne Boleyn and didn't have the love for his daughter in a fatherly way he should have had for Elizabeth. Since Elizabeth was two when her mother died, no one knows her feelings about Anne Boleyn, did she hate her given that she had a better connection with her father and he killed her mother? Or love her and for that given reason she kept a picture of her mother.

Interesting Fact

As Elizabeth's mother she also needed to send clothes and other things a child needed to grow. Many people confuse this with motherly love, but Anne HAD to send these things to her daughter, because she wasn't allowed to care for her.




Quote (Anne Boleyn)

"To Jesus Christ I commend my soul; Lord Jesus, receive my soul."